48V Battery for Mild Hybrid Systems

Battery for Mild Hybrid Systems

Compact and Cost-Efficient SCiB™ Battery for 48V Mild Hybrid Systems

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48V automotive SCiB™ battery pack

The automobile industry is promoting the electrification of the powertrain to be prepared to comply with the fuel economy (CO2 emissions) regulations that are set to be enforced in the coming years around the world. In Europe, automakers are considering and developing various electrified vehicles to improve fuel economy. In particular, 48V mild hybrid systems are attracting attention as they are cost-efficient and help meet the regulatory requirements for CO2 emissions. Challenges to be overcome for the development of 48V systems include their size and costs. We have developed a compact, cost-efficient 48V automotive SCiB™ battery pack using the 4.8Ah-HP cell that combines high power and high energy.

SCiB™ 48V
Battery for Mild Hybrid Systems

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4.8Ah-HP cell
Size : W63 × D14 × H97 mm

Under development


SCiB™ provides a wide effective SOC range and high input/output power. These characteristics make the newly developed 48V automotive SCiB™ battery pack suitable for various mild hybrid electric vehicle (MHEV) systems, ranging from a P0 belt-driven starter generator (BSG) to 15kW class P2 systems. The use of the new SCiB™ battery pack roughly halves the size of these MHEV systems, compared to the case of using cells with a carbon-based anode. Capitalizing on its outstanding safety, the SCiB™ battery pack is designed with a minimal simplified restraining band and a simplified cooling mechanism. The resulting size reduction makes it easy to fit the SCiB™ battery pack into a limited vehicle space. The battery pack also incorporates a board with battery pack control and cell monitoring functions that are customizable according to customers’ application requirements. Therefore, the cooling mechanism can be easily modified to suit different driving profiles in a flexible manner.

Battery for Mild Hybrid Systems

Nominal voltage/Nominal capacity  48V / 4.8Ah
Dimensions 360 × 115 × 80mm
Weight  Approx. 5kg (TBD)

SCiB™ realize CO2 reduction effect
with  half the capacity of LiB

Example of adoption of SCiB™ battery pack (Mazda Motor Corporation)

Toshiba’s 24V SCiB™ battery pack is used in “M Hybrid”: mild hybrid system of MAZDA3, CX-30, and MX-30 from Mazda Motor Corporation because of its outstanding safety, long life, charge/discharge characteristics, input/output power, etc.


It is adopted to the 24V mild hybrid system.


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Generally, the costs of electrification and the resulting reduction in CO2 emissions have a trade-off relationship. Therefore, cost- and energy-efficient electrical systems are required to reduce the quantity of on-board batteries. Particularly suitable for low-voltage, high-current applications, SCiB™ makes it possible to create hybrid systems with an enhanced fuel economy. We will expand our product portfolio of SCiB™ to meet diverse system requirements.

Improved system cost and
CO2 consumption​

Low voltage battery pack lineup

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