12V/24V Automotive Starter battery

Automotive Starter battery

Environmentally Friendly SCiB™ Batteries
Suitable as a Replacement for Lead-Acid Batteries

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SCiB™ Automotive Starter Battery

In recent years, automakers have been developing autonomous vehicles with high levels of driving automation by leveraging increasingly sophisticated ICT technology. This trend is driving the need for power supplies with higher reliability and safety for electronic control units. In addition, batteries with low environmental burden that can replace lead-acid batteries are attracting plenty of attention because of the global movement for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In order to meet the requirements of the automakers committed to the development of next-generation vehicles, Toshiba has developed SCiB™ batteries suitable as a replacement for lead-acid batteries. The newly developed SCiB™ batteries provide all the functions and performance required as a replacement for lead-acid batteries such as a starting temperature of -30°C and a high long-term capacity retention rate while maintaining the outstanding reliability, safety, and environmental characteristics of SCiB™. Sampling is scheduled to begin by the end of 2021. The two types of SCiB™ batteries will be available: the 40Ah12V battery with an LN standard size for passenger cars and the 20Ah24V battery with a JIS standard size that can be connected in parallel and series for application to commercial vehicles. We are preparing samples compliant with existing industry standards to simplify customer evaluation.

SCiB™ 12V
Starter battery 

SCiB™ 24V
Starter battery 

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20Ah-HP cell
Size :W116×D22×H106mm​

Ease of use and maintenance

The above SCiB™ batteries reduce the frequency of battery replacement since they have a longer life than lead-acid and typical lithium-ion batteries. In addition, we have simplified the internal control circuit because of the outstanding safety of SCiB™, achieving roughly half the weight of the lead-acid battery. The resulting reduction in the overall vehicle weight will contribute to improving fuel economy.


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Low-temperature startup performance

SCiB™ also compares favorably with the lead-acid battery in terms of the starting characteristics. As a result of a test using an actual car, we have confirmed that SCiB™ provides a shorter starting time and higher voltage stability than the lead-acid battery at a temperature of -30°C (under Toshiba’s test conditions). Therefore, the SCiB™ batteries designed as a replacement for lead-acid batteries are ideal for passenger cars requiring a low-temperature starting capability.

Cold cranking performance(-30°C)

Test conditions are set by Toshiba

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