Message from the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Hideaki Ishii
Executive Officer,
Corporate Senior Vice President and CISO
Toshiba Corporation

In recent years, ICT technology has been evolving in various fields and becoming progressively integrated into our everyday lives. In particular, digital technology has enabled information sharing and communication beyond physical space, transforming our lifestyles and social infrastructure. Toshiba Group possesses extensive experience and expertise in monozukuri—the art, science and craft of making things—cultivated for 145 years since its founding in 1875. We are currently committed to providing solutions in the fields of energy, social infrastructure, electronic devices, and digital products by combining this expertise with digital technology. The paramount priority for our business operations is to deliver safety and security to everyone.

Accompanying the progress of IoT technology, cyber space typified by the Internet is becoming fused with the physical space where we live. In response to this change in the social environment, Toshiba Group aims to support people's lives through cyber-physical system (CPS) technology. CPS analyzes huge amounts of data collected from physical space in cyber space in order to generate valuable intelligence and feeds it back to physical space. Therefore, enhancing the security of cyber space helps provide increased protection of physical space. Toshiba Group is committed to offering secure CPS to protect against formidably sophisticated and diverse cyber attacks and thereby ensure the safety and security of people's lives.

The purpose of this website is to provide our customers, shareholders, suppliers, and other stakeholders with information about Toshiba Group's initiatives to enhance cyber security. In view of the need for a new way of working (New Normal), Toshiba Group will further enhance its cyber security. We hope this website will allay any security concerns you may have so that you will select Toshiba's products and services with confidence.

* CISO: Chief Information Security Officer


28 Aug, 2019
Published 2019 Cyber Security Report (in PDF)

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