Toshiba PSIRT

The Toshiba Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) is
an organization responsible for addressing the security vulnerabilities found
in the products of Toshiba Group.


Toshiba Group has a product security risk management system designed to reduce the security risk of its products.

Toshiba PSIRT handles all queries concerning product security from the organizations concerned in Japan and abroad. All such queries are handled through an enhanced escalation system so as to improve the security quality of the Group’s products.

Toshiba PSIRT is committed to ensuring that vulnerability information acquired from customers and organizations concerned is properly managed within Toshiba Group and to promptly responding to product security incidents while interacting with the Information Security Early Warning Partnership.

In addition, Toshiba PSIRT shares vulnerability information across Toshiba Group with the aim of preventing similar vulnerabilities. It also incorporates security quality requirements into in-house quality regulations on product development so as to reduce the security risk of the products shipped.

Product Security Team Organization

Product Security Team Organization

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