Toshiba Group Privacy Statement

Toshiba Group hereby declares our commitment to the use of privacy information in our data service businesses*.

“Committed to People, Committed to the Future.”

Toshiba Group creates value through businesses grounded in our corporate philosophy, “Committed to People, Committed to the Future.” and that realize “Our Purpose” by fully utilizing the power of data as “We turn on the promise of a new day.”

Toshiba Group contributes to solutions to diverse social issues through highly reliable services and leading-edge technologies.
We will help to realize a sustainable future while growing as a company needed by society.

Establish a trusted data society

Through our data service businesses, we aim to create a society that contributes to people's lives by transforming data, generated from various activities, in such a way that valuable information can be used effectively in people’s various activities within the society.

Moving towards a society where data is used fairly without being monopolized.
We will create a better future by utilizing a variety of data through Toshiba Group’s knowledge and technologies that have supported social infrastructure for long.

Ensuring privacy and information protection

In the data service businesses which process the data which identifies an individual, in respecting the rights of individuals, on whether to provide their own data and social norms, the personal data is shared in the society only to the extent that the person wishes.
We aim to create a society where people can connect their personal data comfortably and safely.

The rights of the data which identifies an individual should belong its person, and should never be used against their will. This is what Toshiba Group believes in.

We will respect the decision of each individual regarding the use of their data.
We will also endeavor to ensure that people are able to know how their own data is being used.

Our approach to protecting privacy

In order to process information related to the rights and interests of individuals appropriately, we are committed to not only comply with privacy laws, but also with local laws and regulations through the establishment of policies.

In addition, we will protect privacy with the help from external experts, and will continue to improve our policies in response to changes in the society.

Toshiba Group‘s data service businesses promise that the philosophy expressed in this statement will also be applied in its relationships with third parties, including when acquiring and using data from individuals and when receiving and using privacy related data from third party companies.
This statement precedes the Privacy Policy of each Toshiba Group company and is applicable to all services and applications provided by Toshiba Group‘s data service businesses.

* The “data service businesses” refers to services that create value through data, including support for digital transformation.

Date of publication
December 19, 2022

Toshiba will continually review and improve this statement.

The “Basic Commitment of the Toshiba Group” and “Our Purpose” are essential element of the “Essence of Toshiba.”
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