Niobium Titanium Oxide (NTO) anode

Next-generation SCiB™ supporting smart mobility in the age of MaaS

Niobium Titanium Oxide (NTO) anode
Niobium Titanium Oxide (NTO) anode

Using Niobium Titanium Oxide (NTO) as a next-generation anode material

Toshiba have been focusing our attention on the possibility of Niobium Titanium Oxide (NTO) as a next-generation anode material that will help increase the battery capacity while maintaining the excellent characteristics of lithium titanium oxide (LTO), the conventional anode material of SCiB™. NTO has roughly three times higher theoretical volume capacity density than LTO while providing the advantages of LTO such as long life and rapid charging.

Increasing the energy density by 1.5 times while maintaining the SCiB™ advantages of long life and rapid charging

Toshiba have successfully increased the crystallinity of NTO particles and increased diffusibility of lithium ions by taking advantage of its unique electrode technologies accumulated through SCiB™ development. Toshiba is aiming to increase the energy density by 1.5 times more than the existing 20Ah SCiB™ cell without compromising its long-life and rapid-charging performance. The use of NTO reduces the size and increases the capacity of batteries, making it possible to extend the traveling distance of electric vehicles.

New world created by next-generation SCiB™ ideal for MaaS and autonomous robots

Mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) and robots designed for interaction with humans are becoming increasingly common in our society. The safety, long life, rapid charging, and other features of SCiB™ make it ideal for applications requiring high availability and reliability and low operating costs. NTO makes it possible to increase the traveling distance of electric vehicles and electrify new mobility vehicles requiring a reduction in size and weight as well as applications requiring high input/output power.

New possibilities of mobility driven by SCiB™

This new technology partly makes use of the results developed with funding from Japan's New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).

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