Automotive Starter Battery

Replacing automotive lead-acid batteries with SCiB™ that provides high power even at low temperature

To start an automotive engine, batteries are required to provide high output power and operate even at low temperature. SCiB™ is suitable as a replacement for automotive lead-acid batteries since it makes automotive starter battery smaller, lighter, and longer-lasting. SCiB™ is also ideal for applications which require high reliability such as backup power supply for self-driving cars.

Waste reduction

Reduction of CO2

Better fuel economy

SCiB™ provides two functions.

Since SCiB™ can discharge high current at low temperature, it is capable of starting an engine even in cold winter. SCiB™ is also suitable as a battery of start-stop system because of its long charge/discharge cycle life. Furthermore, SCiB™ is an easy replacement for lead-acid batteries because the battery system voltage is highly compatible with that of lead acid batteries.

Lineup of SCiB™

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