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Battery School - Basics of lithium-ion batteries

We explain the basics of batteries in simple terms.

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[1st Period]How lithium-ion batteries work
[2nd Period]How to choose the right lithium-ion battery
[3rd Period]How can lithium-ion batteries be used safely?
[4th Period]How can lithium-ion batteries be disposed of safely?

SCiB™ Topics

Here is a list of papers on the technology or product line-up of SCiB™.

Toshiba Reviews (in Japanese)

Here is a list of reports on the technology and performance of SCiB™ published in TOSHIBA REVIEW, Toshiba’s technical


Self-Starter Gateway for BMUs (SSGB) Facilitating Introduction of SCiB™ Battery System into Industrial Equipment


DC Power Supply Equipment for Substations Using SCiB™ Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Batteries


20 Ah and 5 Ah SCiB™ Lithium-Ion Battery Cells Offering Both High Energy Density and High Input-Output Power Characteristics for High-Performance Hybrid Vehicles


Method to Evaluate State of Health of Lithium-Ion Batteries Used in In-Service BESS for Electric Power Systems


Storage Battery System Incorporating SCiB™ Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery Cells Compliant with SIL4 of RAMS Standards


Next-Generation SCiB™ Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery with High-Capacity Titanium-Niobium-Oxide Anode Capable of Ultrahigh-Speed Charging


24V/48V SCiB™ Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery Modules Capable of Replacing Lead-Acid Batteries for Industrial Use


Energy Storage Solutions to Simultaneously Ensure Power Supply and Demand Balancing Capability and Facilitate Wide Adoption of Renewable Energy


Battery Energy Storage Systems for Rolling Stock Using SCiB™ Litium-Ion Battery


10 Ah-Class SCiB™ Lithium-Ion Battery for Idling Stop Systems and Micro Hybrid Vehicles


Commencement of Operation of Large-Scale Battery Energy Storage System for Nishi-Sendai Substation of Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc.


Sophisticated Cold Roll Box for Logistics Utilizing ICTs


Battery Inspection Technology Employing Charging Curve Analysis for Long-Term Use of Lithium Batteries and Its Applicability


Charging Curve Analysis Method to Visualize State of Health of Lithium-Ion Batteries through Internal State Estimation


SCiB™ Battery System for Electric Motorcycles