Sustainability of SCiB™

Sustainability of SCiB™

Toshiba's SCiB™ contributes to realizing a sustainable society
through a wide variety of applications.

Initiatives for the SDGs

The main essence of the “Toshiba Group Basic Commitment” is “Committed to people, Committed to the Future”. This expresses Toshiba Group’s unwavering determination to contribute to the development of society through its business, and is consistent with the direction of the SDGs, which aim to realize a sustainable society. Acting in good faith in our daily activities, and with a passion to make the world a better place, looking to the future beyond the next generation, and to create that future with our stakeholders —inspired by these ideas, Toshiba Group has and will continue to bring together the creativity and technological capabilities it has cultivated to confront social issues that are becoming more complicated and serious, and to turn on the promise of a new day.

Initiatives for SCiB™

Toshiba's SCiB™ has been certified as "Excellent ECP (Environmentally Conscious Products)"of Toshiba Group's internal certification program for its characteristics and design considerations that satisfy the following 3 key factors, which can contribute to a sustainable environment.
Furthermore, Toshiba Battery Division established an environmental management system covering the entire business process to promote environmental business activities.

Efficient use of resources

Long product life time reduces frequency of battery replacement

Prevention of Global Warming

High performance consumes limited energy efficiently in various types of equipment

Chemical management

No use of the chemical substances prohibited in Toshiba Group

Actions for the Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Taking advantages of SCiB™'s high reliability, safety, and environmental impact, we aim to realize carbon neutrality.


Contribution to the environment|Fuel saving and reduction of waste and CO2 emissions

Product outline

The SCiB™ rechargeable battery provides a long life of over 20,000* charge/discharge cycles, rapid charging, high input/output performance, and excellent low-temperature performance, all while maintaining a high level of safety.
Its features are realized by the use of lithium titanium oxide.

*Measured with a particular single cell under specific conditions

Key point

SCiB™ is able to bring the following benefits and advantages:

  • Increase in fuel and power efficiency and reductions in CO₂ and NOx emissions and life cycle costs
  • Creation of new values for battery systems such as an increase in system availability and a reduction in system size
  • Safety in low-temperature environments and highly reliable battery system.

Industrial Pack

Contribution to the environment|Reduction of waste and CO2 emissions

Product outline

Lead-acid batteries can be easily replaced with “SCiB™ Industrial Pack” which has unique features such as high level of safety, long life, quick charging, and resistance to low temperatures. The SCiB™ Industrial Pack is a battery solution for a wide range of applications such as automated guided vehicles, power supply etc.

Key point

There are many advantages in adopting SCiB™ such as consideration for safety and environment, higher operational efficiency, reducing the workload, and reduction of total cost of ownership.

Power System

Contribution to the environment|Reduction of waste and CO2 emissions

Product outline

In order to reduce CO2 emissions, the shift from coal- and oil-fired thermal power generation to renewable energy generation is proceeding at a rapid pace. However, the use of renewable energy poses challenges such as increase in factors that cause grid frequency fluctuation. SCiB™ can help address this by enabling highly reliable frequency regulation at low life-cycle cost.

Key point

With excellent life cycle characteristics, SCiB™ is suitable for battery energy storage systems for primary frequency regulation.

Green Procurement

Toshiba Battery Division has established green procurement standards for selecting suppliers and procured products. With the cooperation of suppliers, we are promoting green procurement activities throughout the supply chains.
We would like to ask suppliers to systematically promote environmental activities and provide products, parts, materials, etc. that have a low environmental impact by referring to the "Green Procurement Guidelines."

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