Toshiba Group and the SDGs

Toshiba Group and the SDGs The main plank of the “Toshiba Group Basic Commitment” is “Committed to people, Committed to the Future.”. This expresses Toshiba Group’s unwavering determination to contribute to the development of society through its business, and is consistent with the direction of the SDGs, which aim to realize a sustainable society. Acting in good faith in our daily activities, and with a passion to make the world a better place, looking to the future beyond the next generation, and to create that future with our stakeholders—inspired by these ideas, Toshiba Group has and will continue to bring together the creativity and technological capabilities it has cultivated to confront social issues that are becoming more complicated and serious.

The Essence of Toshiba
Sustainable Development Goals

Contributions to Achieving the SDGs through Corporate Activities

In order for Toshiba Group to promote the understanding of SDGs and related initiatives, Toshiba, key Group companies, and some Group companies* exchanged opinions to clarify the relationships between our business and the SDGs in 2018. In the discussion, we reviewed the impact our value chain has on society, identified goals for making contributions through the businesses of Toshiba Group, and announced that these initiatives will be accelerated. In 2021, we re-identified new material issues to be addressed by Toshiba Group based on the SDGs and the social issues outlined in the Global Risks Report published by the WEF. Toshiba Group will actively engage in helping solve social issues through its corporate activities.

  • Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corporation, Toshiba Carrier Corporation (as of FY2018), and Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation.

Examples of Practices

Based on its Basic Commitment, Toshiba Group tackles various social issues using technologies that it has cultivated over many years

Sharing Service for Electric Products in Unelectrified Areas

On the earth, there are “unelectrified areas” where power grids are not, and people who live there aren't able to use enough light or electricity for working, cooking, or studying, etc. Toshiba Group has focused on sharing services for electric products charged by renewable energy and has been conducting needs assessments and demonstrations of these services in Pacific Island countries since 2019. The Company has now confirmed the needs and receptivity to the sharing service by residents in the Malampa Province of the Republic of Vanuatu, and launched a trial LED lantern sharing service in the region in 2023 because of the prospect of securing economic viability through the sharing service, with cooperation of the Malampa Provincial Government, the Vanuatu Investment Promotion Agency, and the International Organization Pacific Islands Centre, etc. In the future, we're going to bring not only "light" be provided with the LED lanterns, but electric products that "improve productivity" such as electric farm equipment and sewing machines.
By accelerating the commercialization of electric product sharing services and promoting the electrification of communities while taking the environment into consideration, Toshiba Group will continue to provide economical and clean energy to all people and contribute to an improvement in the quality of life (QOL).

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