Companies have a responsibility to contribute to better lives, and to the sustainability of the world and its people. They do this by considering complex, serious social issues from long-term perspectives, and finding solutions to them through their business activities. Doing this also increases corporate value. Today, many people routinely exchange information via mobile devices, and industry accumulates vast amounts of information from countless IoT devices and sensors. We live in a time when we all have to utilize the power of data—and whether or not a company can take advantage of the opportunities offered by the development of the digital economy will determine its competitiveness.

"Committed to People, Committed to the Future." is the long standing Basic Commitment of Toshiba Group. It is a statement that expresses our enduring credo of contributing to the development of society by solving social issues through business, and simultaneously helping to realize safer, more secure individual livelihoods, and social and environmental stability. Since our founding, in 1875, with the venture spirit that has inspired Toshiba for many generations, we have combined our powers of invention and expertise to tackle social issues, and today we are taking on problems such as natural disasters resulting from climate change, inequalities such as information disparities and the digital divide, and resource depletion. The ability to work with our stakeholders to "turn on the promise of a new day" is our reason for existence.

Our goal is to achieve carbon neutrality and a circular economy. More specifically, Toshiba will build infrastructure that everyone can enjoy and a connected data society. In this process, we will continually create value by maximizing the power of data, and draw on the product expertise, technologies, and customer relationships we have cultivated over the years to support social infrastructure, including the energy, water treatment, transportation and devices businesses.

In order to secure sustainable improvement of corporate value, we will continue to prioritize life, safety and compliance over all other management issues, and to act with a strong awareness that we will never allow actions that undermine the healthy relationship of trust with our stakeholders. As a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, we are striving to strengthen our environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance, and collaborating with our stakeholders to build ethical and transparent management foundations and to create rich value. We will contribute to the achievement of the SDGs* through our corporate activities, with a focus on 10 goals where we are working to maximize positive impacts and minimize negative impacts.

The 10 goals that Toshiba Group focuses on


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Corporate Officer, President and Chief Executive Officer
Toshiba Corporation

* SDGs: Sustainable Development Goals. Goals to be achieved by 2030, adopted by the United Nations in 2015.