• Formulated Toshiba AI Governance Statement


  • Sustainability Management Division and transferred operations of Sustainability Management Office to the division.
  • Reviewed sustainability management structure.
  • Established Sustainability Policy.
  • Identified new material issues.
  • Commenced the Seventh Environmental Action Plan.
  • Partially revised the Environmental Future Vision 2050
  • Fully revised Toshiba Group Green Procurement Guidelines
  • Developed KPIs based on new material issues
  • Formulated Toshiba Group Human Rights Policy


  • Renamed CSR Management Office to Sustainability Management Office.
  • Revised Toshiba Group Conflict Mineral Policy to Toshiba Group Responsible Minerals Sourcing Policy.
  • Issued a statement based on the Australian Modern Slavery Act.
  • Formulated Toshiba Group’s Environmental Future Vision 2050.
  • Integrated CSR Report and Environmental Report, and published Sustainability Report.
  • Acquired approval of the Science Based Targets (SBT) initiative.


  • Announced endorsement of the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).


  • Formulated the Essence of Toshiba.
  • Established SDGs managers in key Group companies and strengthened SDG-related initiatives.


  • Formulated the Sixth Environmental Action Plan.


  • Incurred losses in the nuclear business; implemented various initiatives to identify the cause of the issue and to develop remedial measures.
  • Issued a statement based on the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015.


  • Started investigation into the cause of accounting issue, and addressing various measures for recurrence prevention.
  • Held seminars to explain Global Compact and RBA Code of Conduct for both suppliers and people from Toshiba Group companies.


  • Revised Standards of Conduct for Toshiba Group and added Respect for Human Rights as Article 1.
  • Revised Toshiba Group Procurement Policy and requested some 10,000 suppliers (cumulative numbers) to abide by this revised content.
  • Commenced Toshiba Group Simultaneous Social Contribution Activities.


  • Organized Business & Human Rights Workshop for human resource managers from 9 Asian countries.
  • Newly established Social Contributions by Business category to Social Contribution Award.
  • Introduced T-Compass, a new concept of environmental management


  • Conducted surveys to some 10,000 suppliers regarding their approaches to issues related to conflict minerals and CSR promotion.
  • Formulated the Fifth Environmental Action Plan.


  • Established Toshiba Group Conflict Mineral Policy.
  • Revised Toshiba Group Procurement Policy and requested that suppliers continue to promote CSR in the supply chain.
  • Became a member of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA).


  • Strengthened CSR management based on the principles of ISO 26000.
  • Introduced a system for visualizing working hours.
  • Expanded UD advisor system to include non-Japanese employees.
  • Established the global brand eco style.


  • Formulated Toshiba Group Biodiversity Guidelines.
  • Established Sign Language Club.
  • Enforced the requirement to leave the office at the regular time for at least two days during the Family Week in Japan.


  • Collaborated with NPOs to promote experiential science education (Supporting the activities of experiential science education research organizations).
  • Conducted the 1st Toshiba Cup Contest among students specializing in science and math education at teacher-training universities in China to present their creative teaching plans.
  • Implemented on-site CSR audit (related to human rights, occupational health and safety, the environment) of suppliers in Thailand.
  • Published Environmental Report.
  • Made an announcement to allow the peak out of Toshiba Group’s greenhouse gas emissions in 2012 and thereafter reduce the absolute emissions.


  • Formulated Toshiba Group Environmental Vision 2050.
  • Structures and systems for Quality Control at Toshiba Group is reinforced.
  • Fulfilled Statutory Ratio of Employment of People with Disabilities in all the subject Group Companies in Japan.


  • Established Toshiba Group CSR Month.
  • Established the Clean Partner Line, a whistleblower system for suppliers and other business partners.
  • Launched Toshiba Group 1.5 Million Tree-planting Project.
  • Strengthened the New EASTER comprehensive audit system.


  • Established Toshiba With Co., Ltd., a special subsidiary for employment of people with disabilities.
  • Held Toshiba Group CSR Conference.
  • Newly established Toshiba “ASHITA” Award.
  • Participated in the Eco-Products International Fair.


  • Published CSR Report.
  • Established an organization dedicated to promotion of equal opportunity.
  • Established Toshiba Group Procurement Policy based on CSR.
  • Announced Toshiba Group Environmental Vision 2010.
  • Formulated the Fourth Voluntary Environmental Plan.


  • Adopted a company with committees system.
  • Established CSR Division.
  • Introduced Factor T, an eco-efficiency indicator.
  • Joined UN Global Compact.
  • Joined Business for Social Responsibility (BSR), an international CSR association based in the U.S.


  • Introduced internal free agent system.
  • Achieved zero emissions of waste.


  • Integrated Toshiba Standards of Business Conduct and Toshiba International Standards of Conduct.


  • Established corporate risk management system.
  • Introduced environmental accounting.
  • Introduced green procurement.


  • Introduced in-house company system.
  • Established Environmentally Conscious Products (ECPs) Standards.
  • Issued Green Procurement Guidelines.
  • Established Toshiba Customer Information Center.


  • Introduced corporate officer system.
  • Published Environmental Report.


  • Obtained ISO 14001 certification.


  • Formulated the First Voluntary Environmental Plan.


  • Started ExploraVision Award in the U.S.
  • Introduced family-care leave, child-care leave and short-time working hours systems.


  • Held the First Corporate Environmental Protection Council.
  • Established Toshiba Thai Foundation.


  • Started the First Toshiba Group Environmental Exhibition.
  • Established Basic Commitment of the Toshiba Group and the slogan.
  • Established Toshiba Standards of Business Conduct and Toshiba International Standards of Conduct.
  • Established Toshiba America Foundation.


  • Established Basic Policy for Environmental Protection.
  • Introduced environmental auditing.
  • Established Toshiba International Foundation.


  • Established Environmental Protection Center.


  • Introduced Toshiba Group Health and Safety Convention.


  • Established Toshiba Management Philosophy.


  • Established Consumers Department.

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