Amid increasingly uncertain market conditions, more companies in recent years have been working to improve their resilience by comprehending the real circumstances throughout the entirety of their manufacturing processes, and by making speedy management decisions. Mechanisms for swift data linkage and utilization are essential for making this possible.
At the same time, one reason that has been pointed out for why digital transformation (DX) has not progressed much in the manufacturing industry is that many companies have built and operated different production and manufacturing systems for each of their factories and processes. This had obstructed the advancement of system linkage and negatively impacted the utilization of data to transform business.
To solve this problem, we present the Factory IoT Platform—a manufacturing IoT solution that integrates, visualizes, and utilizes manufacturing process information managed decentrally by multiple systems to optimize entire value chains in manufacturing.


Solutions based on the expertise and know-how that only a manufacturer can offer

  • Increase yield rates and achieve more efficient production utilizing the IoT and big data at manufacturing sites
  • Provides a smart manufacturing dashboard that leverages Toshiba’s expertise in manufacturing

CPS* with Digital Twins for the manufacturing industry

  • Utilize data models covering manufacturing value chains
  • Reproduce past and current event data in detail in digital spaces and make it available

*  Cyber physical system

Better management of overall manufacturing processes

  • Establish links between factories through Manufacturing Data Platform Connector
  • Achieve manufacturing traceability and visualize production status spanning multiple factories

Beyond just making improvements on-site, link factories together for better management of manufacturing processes in their entirety