Solution Overview

The required solutions can be combined and used, according to the issues faced by the customer.

Manufacturing IoT data utilization application

This solution links with Manufacturing Data Platform to support the use of IoT and other manufacturing data for multiple perspective analysis, traceability, and more.
In addition to application products linked to Manufacturing Data Platform we also offer package products that employ AI and other technology and can be used on a stand-alone basis, as well as data usage consulting, and data analysis tools and services.

Manufacturing data platform

This integrated data model for manufacturing links manufacturing-related business operations data and IoT data and maps out the worksites in digital space.
It automatically preprocesses data for use, reducing the preparation workload for data management and utilization. In addition to knowing the current status of products, equipment, and people in real-time, this solution can be utilized to forecast the future based on accumulated information from the past. With Manufacturing Data Platform Connector, data distributed to each production plant can be acquired and linked online, and information spanning multiple factories can be utilized to better manage manufacturing processes in their entirety.

Manufacturing IoT data collection solution

Manufacturing Data Platform is a solution that connects IoT data arising in real-time from sensors, logs and other sources at manufacturing sites with Manufacturing Data Platform.
Based on our experience having connected various types of manufacturing sites, we support the digitalization of manufacturing by providing product selection, development support, consulting services and more.