Automatically gather various information from personnel and use it to digitalize site operations Easy to implement and operate, with prompt support to identify and resolve issues.

This service helps to improve the work efficiency and productivity of the site by using IoT and AI technologies to automatically gather various information such as the locations, movements, and speech of personnel to digitalize, visualize, share, and analyze site operations.

Field Work Visualization Package


Integrated control of personnel activity data

Gathers data from devices used by multiple personnel all at once, and automatically integrates and stores it in chronological order

Visualized operations and remote support

Visualization templates make it possible to know your operational performance from the 5W1H perspective and talk to personnel in separate locations

Takes little time to implement and start using

The necessary hardware and software are provided in a single package through kitting, allowing for immediate implementation and use


◆Collects positioning data

Detect beacons that have been deployed at the site with user smartphones and identify their locations

◆Collects movement data

Estimates movements based on arm motions * Utilizing behavior estimation with our SATLYS KATA analytics

◆Voice communication

Enables discussion between users, and also provides APIs linked to external systems

◆Visualization templates

Templates for Excel / BI tools (Power BI, MotionBoard, etc.) are provided for reference

Providing subscription-based services

  • Combinations including devices, computers, and maintenance services are provided for a monthly fee
  • The MotionBoard-linked service option is provided together with the template and license for MotionBoard screens
  • Please contact us about any other services or options you might be interested in, or for a trial

Usage scenarios

Identifying inefficient tasks and giving work instructions in real-time

・Passing on the expertise of skilled personnel

Comparing work procedures and movements to those of skilled personnel and checking the differences helps to improve skills

・Proposals for on-site improvements

Analyze work records and use the analysis results to propose specific improvements

・Supporting work operations remotely

Give work instructions to and receive reports from personnel in separate locations