Automate routine operations of manufacturing equipment by retrofitting devices
Take digitalization to the next level by acquiring additional manufacturing data

Manufacturing sites need to be even more productive to compensate for worsening labor shortages. One solution to this problem is to automate the operation of the equipment. However, the reality is that lots of old equipment is still in use, and operations that depend on physical laborers continue to exist.
The Manufacturing IoT Data Utilization Application Equipment Manipulation & Control Package makes it possible to automate routine operations by retrofitting external devices without remodeling existing equipment. Operation data can also be obtained from operating screens, making it possible to implement IoT and remote monitoring on old equipment that managers had previously given up on.


Robots automate repetitive operations

Automate routine equipment operations that are performed repeatedly helps to reduce operating losses caused by operational errors and save labor.

Implement by retrofitting without revamping manufacturing equipment*

Even old equipment can be automated without being revamped through retrofitting by installing external units.

* Equipment for which input/output signals are compatible, regardless of manufacturer

Digital compatibility by acquiring manufacturing data

Advance the digitalization of factories by converting operation history and screen readings results into data.


Use the signals from manufacturing equipment and automate it by retrofitting

  • Robots take the place of physical laborers, see the screen on a monitor and move according to the operational procedures.
  • Through physical retrofitting, manufacturing equipment from any manufacturer can be automated without being revamped as long as the signals are compatible
  • Typical mouses, keyboards, and touch panels are compatible as operating devices for manufacturing equipment that has monitors.

Usage Case: Freeing laborers from downtime and cross-training them

In conventional factory operations, lots were set up in the equipment for what was to be manufactured, the manufacturing conditions had to be selected and settings had to be downloaded among other necessary preparations, and 30 seconds had to be allocated to perform each series of steps. However, after Equipment Manipulation & Control was applied, only a few steps were needed and robots took over the rest, reducing the time taken for each series of tasks to only 3 seconds.

Automatic shutdown during earthquakes

Data conversion/digitalization