05 Nov, 2019
An open environment to realize co-creation of user-first IoT services
01 Nov, 2019
- Utilizing the strength of digital twins to achieve traceability and share data in manufacturing value chains -
02 Jul, 2019
~Virtualization of standard industrial computers achieves secure IoT and minimizes cost~
17 Jun, 2019
~ Latest update is equipped with functions to identify causes of system slowdowns and problematic applications ~
15 Jan, 2019
~ Enabling businesses to manage IoT data lifecycle more effectively ~


21 Nov, 2018
- "Maintenance Component Inventory Optimization" and "Work Behavior Prediction" cloud analytics services to be offered as first release -
01 Nov, 2018
- Co-creation with Partners to Accelerate the Speed of the Digital Transformation of the Manufacturing Industry -
18 Oct, 2018
Awarded 2018 Top Ten Global Scientific and Technological Advance in Smart Manufacturing by China Association for Science and Technology Smart Manufacturing Society
17 Oct, 2018
- Massive Amounts of Past Data Accumulated and Analyzed to Present Similar Cases when Problems Arise -
15 Oct, 2018
- To improve the efficiency of maintenance using smart glasses - Tohoku Electric started operation at more than 600 substations
12 Jul, 2018
- System can alleviate transport access difficulties and contribute to community revitalization through demand forecasting enabled by deep learning -
17 May, 2018
- Supports the Streamlining of On-site Work and the Transfer of Skills and Expertise Using the Toshiba Group’s Abundant Experience in AR Technology -
23 Apr, 2018


04 Nov, 2016
- Selected as the virtual fitting app at BIGBANG Japan Dome Tour shopping site -
01 Nov, 2016
Seeking to double Toshiba Group Internet of Things sales by 2020
31 Oct, 2016
Over 50 times faster than its predecessors, to be applied for mass facial recognition, high-speed data matching
27 Oct, 2016
- Providing high-quality hospitality with Toshiba’s cloud AI service RECAIUS -
27 Oct, 2016
- Combining IoT and life cycle data on manufacturing machines to minimize downtime -
19 Oct, 2016
Toshiba’s AI realizes instantaneous translation for Japanese, Chinese, English and Korean
13 Oct, 2016
--- Toshiba system manages global operational status and supports customer’s maintenance service ---
03 Oct, 2016
- App offers store guidance, coupons and more in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean-
05 Sep, 2016
To jointly develop inspection services for electrical infrastructure
11 Jul, 2016
—Launched at FPT Group’s 330 retail shops, largest ICT Group in Vietnam—
25 May, 2016
Advances big data analytics—can find an individual image among 10 million in 8.31 milliseconds
29 Mar, 2016
- Drawing on Toshiba’s expertise and know-how to support innovation in manufacturing
25 Feb, 2016
-To collaborate with big data technologies and create new value-
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