Toshiba Introduces GridDB® Cloud Free Plan

~ Empowering Small Business Startups with the Unlimited Time Free Plan ~

December 06, 2023
Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation

KAWASAKI―Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation (Toshiba) today announced the general availability of GridDB® Cloud V2.0, a public cloud Database Managed Service for IoT and Big Data workloads. In GridDB® Cloud V2.0, a plan that users can utilize for free without any time limitations has been added. With no time restrictions, it can be utilized as a database for users looking to kickstart their business.

GridDB® Cloud is GridDB® offered as a managed cloud service. Some of the user benefits are as follows:

  • Streamline the setup of servers, storage, and other essential components needed to run the database, thereby cutting down on both time and initial deployment expenses.
  • Efficiently minimize the operational effort required for managing the database.
  • Dynamically scales resources in response to an increase in data or processing volume.
  • Seamlessly integrate with cloud-native applications for effortless collaboration.

To facilitate the adoption of GridDB® Cloud, a free plan without time limitations has been introduced, complementing the existing paid plans.

  Free Plan
*Unlimited Time Usage
Paid Plan
Standard Professional Enterprise
Monthly Fee Free From ¥295,000 From ¥365,000 From ¥495,000
vCPU Shared 4vCPU 8vCPU 16vCPU
Memory Shared 16GB 32GB 64GB
Storage Up to 10GB 1TB + Add-on 1TB + Add-on 1TB + Add-on
DB Request Limit 3,000/10 mins No limit No limit No limit
Inquiry Community Forum Toshiba Support Toshiba Support Toshiba Support

The perpetual nature of the free plan makes it an ideal choice for new businesses aiming to commence operations on a small or cost-effective scale, with the flexibility to expand gradually. Initially, the free plan can be used for small-scale business. As the business grows, seamless transition to a paid plan to accommodate increased data capacity and processing volume can be implemented. This provides users the assurance to utilize GridDB® Cloud for their business with peace of mind. 

Additionally, sessions on GridDB® will be held at "DB TECH SHOWCASE" (sponsored by Insight Technology, Inc.), taking place at Belle Salle Roppongi Grand Conference Center from today until December 8th.

Future development of GridDB® and GridDB® Cloud will continue towards the support for digital transformation and cyber physical system using IoT and Big Data.

About GridDB®
Toshiba developed GridDB® entirely in-house, drawing on its extensive expertise in diverse industry verticals. GridDB® ensures efficient accumulation of massive volumes of time series data, and to deliver scale-out performance. It features time series data management, petabyte-scale performance, excellent scalability and unwavering reliability, and developer-friendly API—essential characteristics of IoT and Big Data database.

GridDB® Product Site
GridDB® Open Source Site
GridDB® Developers Site

About exhibition at DB TECH SHOWCASE
GridDB® sessions (Japanese)
・December 7, 2023 14:00 ~ 14:45
 “GridDB - Processing petabyte-scale time-series data with low latency and high throughput”
・December 7, 2023 15:00 ~ 15:45
 “Quickly and easily build an IoT system that utilizes time-series data in real time with GridDB Cloud!”
・December 8, 2023 15:00 ~ 15:45
 “Unleash the ability to scale out to petabytes effortlessly! Explore the core technology and practical case studies of GridDB”

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