Terms and Conditions of Use

Terms and Conditions of Use

This website is operated by Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation ("Toshiba Digital Solutions").
Please note that by using this website you are deemed to agree to all of the terms and conditions of use ("Terms and Conditions").
Toshiba Digital Solutions may, at its sole and exclusive discretion, change, alter, modify, add, and/or remove any part of the Terms and Conditions at any time without any prior notice. Therefore, you are requested to read the latest Terms and Conditions before using this website.
This website may contain links to websites operated by Toshiba Digital Solutions' group companies. Use of such websites is subjected to the terms and conditions of the individual websites.


Toshiba Digital Solutions makes no warranty of any kind with respect to this website, including but not limited to, the accuracy, usefulness, reliability, completeness, suitability for a specific purpose, non-infringement of third parties rights, safety of contents, and/or the functions and safety of the website itself (including but not limited to errors and/or the suspension of functions). The contents of this website may be altered or deleted and the operation of this website may be suspended or discontinued at any time without any prior notice.
Toshiba Digital Solutions and its group companies shall not be liable for any damage incurred for any reason, including but not limited to, inaccuracy, alteration or deletion of the contents of this website, occurrence of a problem on this website, and suspension or discontinuation of operation of this website.

Intellectual Property Rights

The rights of trade names, trademarks and logos that are used on this website, including those that belong to Toshiba Digital Solutions, its group companies and/or other companies are protected under the Trademark Law, Unfair Competition Prevention Law and other applicable laws. Use of the above without authorization from Toshiba Digital Solutions, its group companies or other companies that hold rights is prohibited.
For more information about copyright, please visit the page about "Copyright".

Linking to the Website

The following conditions apply to links to this website.

  • Use of the Toshiba logo as means of providing a link is not permitted. (Use of the Toshiba logo requires prior granting of authorization by Toshiba Corporation.)
  • To link to the homepage of this website (https://www.global.toshiba/ww/company/digitalsolution.html), please contact us in advance through the “Contact Us” page after fully understanding the contents of this page.
  • Any links from websites that Toshiba Digital Solutions deems to be inappropriate may be rejected.

The use of links to this website from the following websites and the inclusion of links to this website in email are strictly prohibited.

  • Websites containing content that defames, undermines the credibility of, or causes disadvantage or damage to Toshiba Digital Solutions or its group companies, their officers or employees, or any other companies, organizations or individuals
  • Websites containing adult content
  • Websites detrimental to public order and morality
  • Websites containing content that is or may be illegal and websites that contribute to or may contribute to illegal activities
  • Websites where it is unclear that the content is Toshiba Digital Solutions content or where such a false impression could be given to a third party, such as by displaying Toshiba Digital Solutions website content in a frame

When using a link, it is necessary to clearly indicate that the linked site is the Toshiba Digital Solutions website.

Proposals from Customers

Toshiba Digital Solutions does not accept proposals from customers concerning products, technologies, manufacturing and/or sales methods, designs, etc., unless Toshiba Digital Solutions has specifically requested the customers to submit such a proposal.
If, the above notwithstanding, such an unsolicited proposal is submitted by a customer, Toshiba Digital Solutions assumes no obligation to maintain its confidentiality or review it.

Applicable Laws and Court of Jurisdiction

Unless otherwise specified, use of this website and application of the Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan.
Unless otherwise specified, the Tokyo District Court shall be exclusively the court of first jurisdiction for all disputes related to this website.

Linked Sites

Third parties' websites linked to or from this website ("linked third parties' websites"), except those of group companies of Toshiba Digital Solutions, are administered by such third parties at their own responsibility. Provision of a link to and from this website does not imply that Toshiba Digital Solutions has any special relationship with parties operating linked third parties' websites or that Toshiba Digital Solutions recommends the contents of linked third parties' websites. Toshiba Digital Solutions assumes no responsibility for the contents of linked third parties' websites or use of such sites.

Use of Cookies and Web Beacons

A cookie is a small data file sent from the web server to your web browser while you are browsing. It is used to facilitate effective operation of the Internet. A web beacon is a technique that uses a GIF file and script to monitor your access to this website and to statistically analyze the usage of this website. The use of both web beacons and cookies enables the collecting of detailed statistical information.

Please note that this website may use cookies and web beacons to acquire your browsing history for the purpose of providing information and delivering advertisements to you, such as information on our seminars, services, products, and activities. In addition, web beacons may be used to collect personal data.
Customers who do not agree to our collection of information about your visits to this website or your personal data are able to stop the web beacon function by disabling JavaScript. As the setting procedure differs depending on the browser, please refer to the "Help" menu of your browser. Please note that when JavaScript is disabled, all or part of the services that Toshiba Digital Solutions provides on this website may become unavailable.

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Under an advertisement distribution contract with a third-party advertising company, cookies may be used to distribute our advertisements to websites on the Internet based on the information about your access to this website. Distribution of advertisements can be stopped by changing the settings on the third-party advertising company's website.
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If you have any comments, suggestions or inquiries about this website, please visit the page of "Contact Us".

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