Toshiba Digital Solutions Releases Two New IoT Services Equipped with the “Asset Integration Data Platform” that Integrates IoT and O&M Data to Boost Asset Value

– Asset IoT Cloud Service Meister RemoteX™ for Equipment Manufacturers,  and Meister OperateX™ for Factories –

October 30, 2020
Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation

KAWASAKI―Today, Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation (Toshiba) is releasing a new asset IoT cloud service “Meister OperateX™ for factories,” and a major update to asset IoT cloud service “Meister RemoteX™” for equipment manufacturers, both of which are equipped with the Asset Integration Data Platform. Toshiba developed this new platform from expertise accumulated in O&M*1 over the years in areas such as social infrastructure, the energy sector, and production plants.

New service Meister OperateX™ comprehensively ascertains the status of various distributed equipment in factories to optimize factories’ overall operation, to make efficient maintenance, and to optimize energy efficiency. This contributes to nonstop factory operation.

Asset IoT cloud service Meister RemoteX™ for equipment manufacturers, which Toshiba has already been providing to large numbers of customers, is also now be equipped with the Asset Integration Data Platform. This allows seamless coordination between Meister RemoteX™ and Meister OperateX™, digitally links factories with manufacturers that deliver equipment there to create a new paradigm in asset O&M for the age of the new normal.

Factories and industrial plants built during the periods of high economic growth are experiencing more production stoppages due to breakdowns of deteriorated equipment. As Japan’s working population decreases due to the falling birthrate and aging populace, many worksites now also face labor shortages in their equipment operations and related tasks. This year, businesses have also had to grapple with workers being unable to commute to worksites due to COVID-19. Energy optimization has also become a necessity for environmental reasons in addition to cost. Digital technologies such as IoT and AI are now gaining more attention for their potential to solve these problems in plant equipment operations and maintenance.

 Toshiba is launching Meister OperateX™ to solve problems for operators who manage and work with assets in the equipment (asset) O&M field, where Toshiba has been active for some time. It digitalizes O&M and uses data comprehensively to handle tasks remotely, save labor, and optimize power usage by controlling power supply and demand. This helps overall optimization of O&M at factories and industrial plants.

[Main features of Asset IoT cloud service “Meister OperateX™“ for factories]

(1) Remote monitoring, operational efficiency (going remote, improving safety, saving labor)

Collects and utilizes operating data of equipment remotely to reduce record keeping at worksites. Utilizes data to support operations and establish value-added knowledge in order to improve operational efficiency, handle worksite tasks remotely, improve safety, and save labor.

(2) Detecting tendencies & abnormalities on equipment (stable equipment operation)

Remotely monitors plant facilities and equipment to detect abnormalities and preemptively prevents problems from occurring while helping to ensure stable operation.

(3) Optimize supply & demand of power (energy optimization)

Visualizes and controls production power supply volume, actual usage results, spare supply capacity relative to plan, and trends. This helps minimize excess power supply and usage, optimize the amount of power needed for production and power supply capabilities, and improve power efficiency.

 As part of the TOSHIBA SPINEX family of services that incorporates global-standard Toshiba IoT Reference Architecture*2, these services are highly reliable and can be provided quickly. The “Asset Integration Data Platform” leverages Toshiba’s accumulated knowledge to integrate IoT data collected from equipment at worksites with O&M data from maintenance and field services to enable comprehensive and advanced data usage. This data platform is also equipped in asset IoT cloud service “Meister RemoteX™” for  equipment manufacturers to nimbly coordinate their systems while serving as a data usage platform to support the after-sales services of equipment manufacturers. This provides an advantage to O&M service businesses.

 Toshiba will continue working to provide more and better services to support customers’ shifts toward remote management of equipment and facilities, operational stability, and labor reduction in order to tackle issues in manufacturing such as equipment deterioration, labor shortages due to falling birthrates and aging population, and BCP for COVID-19 and other disturbances and disasters. Toshiba will be striving to help realize a sustainable society by working together with customers to optimize power usage in the field of manufacturing.

O&M (Operation & Maintenance): This is an acronym for operations (“O”) and maintenance (“M”) of equipment and facilities at factories. O&M work involves monitoring various processes and operating plant equipment (typically monitoring and remote operation from a central monitoring room), regularly inspecting and keeping logs of machinery, electrical, and auxiliary equipment, making adjustments to equipment and restocking supplies to keep equipment and devices functioning at a sufficient level, repairs when breakdowns occur, changing out spare parts, arranging repairs with equipment manufacturers, etc.

Toshiba IoT Reference Architecture: A framework for creating cyber physical systems (CPS) composed by Toshiba according to global reference architecture such as Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and Acatech. Use of this framework can accelerate open collaboration that transcends boundaries between various stakeholders, while also helping businesses to expand.

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