Toshiba teams up with ComfortUni to offer
Distributed Co-simulation Platform “VenetDCP” in China

August 1, 2023
Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation

Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation (hereinafter TDSL) and Shanghai ComfortUni Smart Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter ComfortUni) today announced that they have reached a definitive agreement to collaborate on offering TDSL’s model-based development platform solution “VenetDCP” to the automotive industry in China.  ComfortUni will market TDSL’s VenetDCP to its customers dedicated in battery electric vehicle (BEV) development to help improve their development efficiency and quality.
(DCP: Distributed Co-simulation Platform)

TDSL’s VenetDCP is a distributed co-simulation platform that allows automakers and their suppliers to perform multiple connections of various models and tools owned by separate teams and companies over the internet, enabling a joint verification environment to apply model-based development that has become increasingly popular.

ComfortUni is in possession of advanced technology of thermal management system development and simulation that is crucial to the development of BEV.  Through this partnership combining the respective advanced technologies of TDSL and ComfortUni, ComfortUni will be able to offer thermal management system development powered by VenetDCP's distributed co-simulation platform directly to its automotive customers in China. 

ComfortUni will also leverage its strong and friendly relationship with Shanghai JiaoTong University to support the university’s research activities in BEV and thermal management with VenetDCP, as well as proceed technology exchanges related to education in model-based development.

About ComfortUni
ComfortUni was founded in May 2017. Since its establishment, the company has taken "saving every joule of energy for new energy vehicles" as its core goal, technical team has been dedicated to innovative research and development of automotive thermal control systems, with business operations covering areas such as air conditioning, heat pumps, thermal management, cloud-based data systems, and control algorithms. After multiple rounds of technological iteration, the company has formed core independent intellectual property rights and has translated them into social productivity through practical applications. Within the industry, Comfortuni has earned high recognition from many well-known automobile manufacturers. Meanwhile, ComfortUni is collaborating with Toshiba to promote the development of domestic thermal management industry with more comprehensive and high-quality services based on the characteristics of "Distributed Co-Simulation" technology.
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