Model-based development support solution for the automotive industry

Distributed Co-Simulation Platform

An evolution in model-based development, enabling multi-company joint digital prototyping of automotive control systems

Model-based development is gaining in popularity with car manufacturers and suppliers. To apply this development method more broadly and on a larger scale, VenetDCP connects numerous models, various development tools, and different companies in cyberspace to provide an environment that enables joint verification. This allows automakers to perform earlier verifications for complex automotive control systems connected to multiple systems such as autonomous driving and advanced driving assist, improving quality while drastically boosting productivity.
Network usage is expanding and becoming a more common alternative due to the spread of the novel coronavirus. To meet the needs of times like these, VenetDCP offers a new methodology in automotive development, enabling design information and knowledge sharing in addition to collaboration in the cyber world.

* DCP: Distributed Co-Simulation Platform

  • Communication specifications specify who will transmit and receive the communications, as well as data format and transmission cycle.
  •  Bus connectors are modules that transmit and receive data according to communication specifications. 


Distributes communication specifications through bus connectors to automatically connect simulation environments

Connects different simulation environments of each company to enable co-simulation

Connects distributed development environments to enable large-scale simulations

Are you not troubled by these kinds of things?

Hard to connect models

Connecting multiple signal lines without any mistakes is a challenge, and it takes considerable man-hours to investigate whether a problem is a connection error or a bug.

Model is not disclosed

Design data for models is confidential information belonging to each company, and they must connect their development environments without disclosing this information to other companies.

Simulation is slow

Operation slows down and it takes more time to execute the simulations when putting together multiple models on one computer

You can see our partners selling VenetDCP in Japan and abroad.
We are providing VenetDCP in collaboration with these partners. Creating new values for our customers and helping their business become better.

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Concept Movie

Four-minute VenetDCP Introduction

VenetDCP is a distributed co-simulation platform that allows multiple
connections of various models and tools owned by separate teams and companies over the internet. 

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Technology summary of VenetDCP

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How to use VenetDCP

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Use case of distributed co-simulation

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  • VenetDCP™ is a registered trademark or trademark of Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation in Japan and other countries.