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VenetDCP Partner List

We are providing VenetDCP from the partners listed here.
Partners sell the license and supports the customers.


Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd. (ISID) ※move pages to ISID

Sales region:Japan
Contact information:g-VenetDCP@group.isid.co.jp

ISID has helped over 2,000 companies innovate their operations with its deep engineering knowledge, problem analysis, and advanced IT implementation capabilities acquired by working with the Japanese leading manufacturers.In the field of simulation, ISID has engaged and committed in CAE as a pioneer in Japan since the early 1980s.ISID, a JAMBE Partner Member, has many experiences in Model Based Development (MBD/MBSE) from consulting, innovating processes to supporting software implementation and integration.

United States of America

SimuQuest, INC. 
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Sales region:United States of America
Contact information:info@simuquest.com

We are an embedded software development organization dedicated to eliminating all defects in embedded software and enabling innovation to flourish. We do this through our one-of-a-kind software tool, UniPhi, extensive experience in model-based design, and complete dedication to our customers. To achieve these goals, we are building an organization that is fueled by continuous improvement of the software we deliver and the synergy with which our teams collaborate.

People's Republic of China

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Sales region:Mainland area of People’s Republic of China(excluding Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau)
Contact information:Nedl_sales@dl.cn.nexty-ele.com

As a software-related subsidiary of Toyota Tsusho Group, Toyota Tsusho NEXTY Electronics (Dalian) Co., Ltd. (NEDL) provides automotive embedded software development and evaluation services.We have lots of experience of the software development and the evaluation for Japanese carmakers and suppliers, in addition, Toyota Tsusho Group deal in lots of equipment and tools.So we are able to provide total solution regarding the procurement, engineering service, maintenance, and the engineering of model-based development. Also, we can provide multi-language support in Japanese, Chinese and English as you requested. 

Ningbo ANG Thermo Technology Co., LTD. (ANG)

Sales region:Mainland area of People’s Republic of China(excluding Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau)
Contact information:ANG_Software@angthermo.com

Ningbo ANG Thermo Technology Co., LTD., (ANG) is committed to the application and optimization of new energy, thus promoting the energy conservation and emission reduction of the whole society. ANG focuses on integrated thermal management system solutions and provides thermal management software products for OEMs and Tier1. In addition to providing digital twin testing platform for vehicle thermal management, secondary development of system engineering software is also one of the technical strengths of ANG. Through the continuous iteration and innovation of technology research and development, ANG provides the customers with competitive system integration solutions and core products.