Toshiba’s SQBM+ Now Available via Strangeworks
Pay-As-You-Go Optimization Service

Strangeworks eliminates the need for end users to create
infrastructure to manage SQBM+ machines shortening enterprise time to value

April 25, 2024
Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation
Strangeworks, Inc.

Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation (Toshiba Digital Solutions) and Strangeworks deepened their existing partnership to bring quantum-inspired optimization to complex enterprise problems. Strangeworks provides access to a large catalog of optimizers, which now includes direct access to the solvers from Toshiba's quantum-inspired optimization solution, SQBM+.

The SQBM+ software is a combinatorial optimization solution that uses a collection of solvers based on the simulated bifurcation algorithm. Combinatorial optimization is an effective approach to solving high-value problems such as portfolio optimization, drug discovery, logistics management, and more. Currently, Strangeworks customers using the SQBM+ product include large enterprise organizations in financial services, aerospace, and energy.

In contrast to other offerings of SQBM+, which require the end user to build and maintain the infrastructure to run the solvers, Strangeworks provides fast, cost-effective results as an enterprise grade QaaS (Quantum as a Service) ecosystem. Through Strangeworks, users will have access to both small and large instances of the SQBM+, enabling enterprises to scale compute power and spend to address specific business problem needs. 

The SQBM+ finds high-precision, approximate solutions in a short time. Its algorithms are designed for problems with up to ten million variables and accept quadratic unconstrained binary optimization problems (QUBO), polynomial unconstrained binary optimization problems (PUBO) and linearly constrained quadratic binary programming problems in QPLIB format.

“The team at Toshiba have mastered quantum-inspired optimization, and their SQBM+ solvers provide demonstrable value to our enterprise customers via its exceptional scalability. Partnering to provide easy, cost-effective access to advanced technologies like SQBM+ is core to Strangeworks mission,” said Whurley, Founder and CEO of Strangeworks. “This combined offering is already providing value to numerous customers, helping them address business critical challenges within their organizations." 

Hiroshi Tsukino, Director, Vice President of Toshiba Digital Solutions, welcomed the new service: “Quantum computing is starting to deliver notable results and achievements in optimization. Integrating our SQBM+ technology into Strangeworks' innovative quantum computing platform marks a pivotal step forward. This integration offers global users’ seamless access to SQBM+'s transformative capabilities. We anticipate this collaboration will not only expedite the adoption of quantum technology across various fields but also accelerate the creation of novel industries, fostering a new era of innovation accessible to users worldwide." 

SQBM+ product is available through the Strangeworks Optimization Service, Strangeworks flagship optimization application, making it easy to execute across multiple optimizers. Through a standardized input format, users can define a problem once and implement it across various solvers by changing a single line of code, ensuring a hassle-free experience when picking the most appropriate backend for any task.

Strangeworks’ Fortune 500 customers in life sciences, energy, and other critical industries use the Optimization Service today to apply novel compute technologies to their high-value problems. 

If you are interested in requesting access to the SQBM+ system through Strangeworks, please contact

Hiroshi Tsukino, Director and Vice President of Toshiba Digital Solutions (third from left) and William Hurley, CEO of Strangeworks (third from right)

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