Connect data gathered from equipment and people to manufacturing data platforms

Manufacturing IoT Data Collection Solution is a solution that connects IoT data arising in real-time from sensors, logs and other sources at manufacturing sites with the Manufacturing Data Platform.
Based on our experience having connected various types of manufacturing sites, we support the digitalization of manufacturing by providing product selection, development support, consulting services and more.


Three types of standard messages are defined as the interfaces for equipment

  • Standard manufacturing messages
    Link the starting and completion times of work processes, processing conditions, and other results information from manufacturing operations and quality inspections
  • Equipment operating messages
    Link equipment operating status and alerts, maintenance, and other related events and manufacturing data from the equipment perspective
  • Sensor messages
    Link measurement values from sensors attached to equipment, people, etc.

Data mapping tools

  • Define the association between the tags on each message and the data parameters in Manufacturing Data Platform

Support based on experience connecting sites

  • Proposing product selections, development support, and consulting services for data acquisition

Product / Service Configuration