Fully leverage Manufacturing Data Platform to swiftly, flexibly support data utilization for various manufacturing needs.

This solution links with Manufacturing Data Platform to support the use of IoT and other manufacturing data for multiple perspective analysis, traceability, and more.
In addition to application products linked to Manufacturing Data Platform, we also offer package products equipped with AI and other technologies, as well as data usage consulting, and data analysis tools and services.

In addition to application products, Manufacturing IoT Data Utilization Application works with products and services of partner companies Swiftly and flexibly supporting data utilization for various manufacturing needs.

Application Products


5M1E visualization*

Analysis data output

Equipment visualization

* Five M’s: Man, Machine, Material, Method, Measurement; One E: Environment

Package Products

This service gathers, visualizes, and analyzes information such as the locations, movements, and speech of personnel to improve the work efficiency and productivity of the site. Check and get alerts for dense crowding at the site, give work orders remotely, and more, helping to bring about a brand-new style of manufacturing site.

AI imaging inspection technology using a no-defects learning system through Toshiba’s proprietary threshold optimization methodology keeps defects from being overlooked while reducing false detections and helping to automate and save labor in inspection processes at manufacturing sites.

Retrofitting external devices without revamping existing manufacturing equipment makes it possible to automate routine operations. Operation data can also be obtained from operating screens, making it possible to implement IoT and remote monitoring on old equipment that managers had previously given up on.

Product / Service Configuration