Small SCiB™ batteries support the development of IoT infrastructure

In order to connect a myriad of devices in the IoT space, it will be desirable to minimize the need for power wiring and battery replacement and it will certainly be necessary that small power supply devices meet these requirements. For example, we propose combining energy harvesting technologies with SCiB™, a safe rechargeable battery with outstanding characteristics such as high input/output power energy density, close to that of capacitors, long life, and low-temperature operation.

Expansion of
IoT-enabled products

Increase in product value
with smaller/wireless capability, etc.

Safe operation

Ultra-small SCiB™ rechargeable batteries support the development of IoT infrastructure.

For further description of the SLB series of small rechargeable lithium-ion batteries developed using the SCiB™ technology, visit the website of Nichicon Corporation.

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