Efficiently using the energy regenerated during the unloading which contributes to low emissions.

Cranes are widely used for freight transport services. To mitigate global warming and air pollution, it is necessary to reduce their emissions. The power supply of cranes and SCiB™battery system combine to efficiently use the large kinetic energy that is generated while freight containers are lowered, which contribute to low fuel consumption and emissions.

Reduction in
operating costs

Reduction in CO2 and
NOx emissions

Reduction in waste

Regenerating electric energy from kinetic energy during the unloading for efficient logistics operations

The combination of SCiB™ battery system with the power supply of a crane makes it possible to efficiently convert large kinetic energy into electric energy while freight containers are lowered. The regenerated energy can be used to power the crane when hoisting or moving a load, which contributes to low fuel consumption and emissions.

Case Study

Lineup of SCiB™

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