SCiB™ Modules

Product Lineup

SCiB™ modules consist of multiple cells to obtain necessary capacity and voltage. SCiB™ modules incorporate cell monitoring units (CMUs) for monitoring and transmitting cell voltage and temperature information. They are used to build SCiB™ systems. A battery pack contains a battery management unit (BMU) to control charge/discharge as well as monitor the cell voltage and temperature, eliminating the need to add external protection circuitry and thus simplifying their use.


You can construct a battery system by flexibly combining a single to tens of thousands of SCiB™ modules with other components according to your applications.

Pack (Battery module with BMU)

Battery packs incorporate a BMU for monitoring cell voltage and temperature; overcharge, over-discharge, and over-temperature protection system; and a charge/discharge control. That can allow you to simply configure your battery system.


2P12S modules
For industrial devices and stationary systems
Type3-20 / Type3-20HP / Type3-23
For motive applications* Type1-23

The Type3-20, Type3-20HP, Type3-23, and Type1-23 modules consist of 12-series of two parallel SCiB™ cells. They can be used for stationary applications such as UPS systems and energy storage systems for power plants; industrial applications such as cranes; motive applications* such as buses and marine vessels.

For industrial devices and stationary systems

For motive applications*

*Motive applications as specified in IEC 62619:2022.

1P9S module for motive applications*
High energy (23Ah cell) / High power (10Ah cell)

The 1P9S is a compact SCiB™ module designed for hybrid and other motive applications* requiring high voltage and power. Up to 30 modules can be connected to obtain a maximum system voltage of 750 V. A battery management unit (BMU) must be prepared separately according to the requirements of the target application.

For motive applications*

Available for sampling
 (Production: TBD)

20.7V / 21.8Ah

21.6 V / 9.2Ah

*Motive applications as specified in IEC 62619:2002.

Pack (Battery module with BMU)

SCiB™ Industrial Pack

These 24V and 48V battery packs can charge and discharge at high current of up to 125 A (for 200 seconds). They are suitable for automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and other small transport vehicles, since only a small degree of capacity degradation will occur even after thousands of charge/discharge cycles. The 24V and 48V battery packs are physically smaller than typical lead-acid batteries and their weight is only roughly one-fourth that of lead-acid batteries. Furthermore, they operate at temperatures as low as -30°C.

For industrial devices and stationary systems

Industrial Pack

24V 22Ah/44Ah

48V 22Ah


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