Drones without the need for battery replacement

As drones come into widespread use to save labor and increase efficiency, several issues have come to light, concerning their operations including battery charging and purchase of new batteries. SCiB™ resolves these issues, making it possible to create new drones that do not require battery replacement.

Increase in availability

Reduction in waste

Safe operation

The rapid-charging and long-life characteristics of SCiB™ help reduce the time required for battery replacement and increase the availability of drones.

A huge quantity of spare batteries will be necessary for the operation of drones. Old batteries must be replaced periodically. As drones come into widespread use, the procedure of replacing and purchasing batteries will become more burdensome. SCiB™ features rapid charging, and it can be charged for the drone’s whole flight in a short period of time, eliminating the need for battery replacement. Thanks to its long life, SCiB™ also obviates the need to purchase new batteries during the drone’s service life. Efficient drone operation with minimal personnel can be realized by combining automatic charging and out-of-sight flight.

Lineup of SCiB™

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