4.8Ah-HP Cells

High Power type 4.8Ah-HP cell

Increased input/output performance with the existing cell size

The new models provide a higher input/output performance than the existing cells with the same size, making it possible to upgrade your system, using an existing SCiB™ module/pack design for system integration.

* Calculated from internal resistance values at a 50% SOC and 25°C (10 seconds)

New possibilities driven by new SCiB™ models

In response to the recent tightening of emission regulations in the EU and the other part of the world, the automobile industry is endeavoring to further increase the performance of 48V mild hybrids and high-voltage strong hybrids. The 4.8Ah-HP cell are suitable for the applications requiring higher performance.

Application to the next-generation hybrid systems

The new SCiB™ cells are suitable for next-generation hybrid cars, buses, and tracks that require higher electric energy.

Application to plug-in hybrid systems

The combination of high input/output power and energy density makes the new SCiB™ cells suitable for plug-in hybrid systems that run on electricity for a short distance and switch to hybrid power when traveling a long distance.

Simplified cooling system

The new SCiB™ cells generate less heat because of the reduced electrical resistance, making it possible to simplify and reduce the cost of a cooling mechanism.

4.8Ah-HP cell

Rated capacity 4.8Ah
Nominal voltage 2.3V
Output Power 600W*
(SOC50%, 10sec, 25℃)
Input Power 700W*
(SOC50%, 10sec, 25℃)
W63 × D14 × H97 mm
Weight Approx. 160g

* Calculated from internal resistance values
* Specifications shown herein are not guaranteed values and are subject to change without notice. Performance depends on usage conditions.
* The package designs presented on the web is for catalogue purpose, so the design of the actual battery will be different.

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