SCiB™ Systems

System Lineup

Toshiba Group provides SCiB™ systems for a wide range of applications required to realize sustainable social infrastructure for the future, including automotive and industrial battery systems as well as large-scale battery energy storage systems.

Battery systems for railway and ocean vessels

Battery systems for powering railway trains

SCiB™ is used as storage batteries to store regenerated energy from a train and as emergency storage batteries to propel the train to a safe location in the event of power failure. Using SCiB™ for battery energy storage helps reduce the total energy consumption of hybrid vehicles, compared with conventional rolling stock.

SCiB™-based regenerated energy storage systems for DC railway electrification systems

Railway trains generate electric energy during braking, which is dissipated as heat by mechanical braking and other associated systems unless it is consumed by any other train running nearby. SCiB™ is used to store surplus regenerated energy efficiently and supply the stored energy to another train during acceleration.

SCiB™-based hybrid systems for ocean vessels

During normal cruising, lithium-ion batteries are charged with the electricity generated by the main engine in the high-efficiency region. When an ocean vessel runs for a short distance, for example, in a port, it disables the main engine and runs on the stored battery energy.

Large-scale battery energy storage systems for grid connection

Battery energy storage systems

To increase the uptake of photovoltaic solar, wind, and other intermittent renewable energy sources, it is essential to compensate for variations in their power output. Toshiba Group provides large-scale battery energy storage systems for grid connection that help reduce grid frequency variations as well as operation services for virtual power plants (VPPs).

Battery energy storage development solutions

Inquiries about the development of SCiB™ packs and systems

Toshiba Group has a proven track record in developing many SCiB™ modules and packs. We provide design and integration services for battery modules and packs according to the quantity and other requirements for your applications, including automotive, industrial, and stationary systems.

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