What is SCiB™

Six outstanding features

The SCiB™ rechargeable battery provides a long life of over 20,000* charge/discharge cycles, rapid charging, high input/output performance, excellent low-temperature performance, and wide SOC range, all while maintaining a high level of safety.

*Measured with a particular single cell under specific conditions
** SOC: State of Charge

Extremely low fire hazard

There is very low risk of fire or explosion from internal short-circuits caused by external pressure. Therefore, SCiB™ is suitable for various applications requiring high levels of safety and reliability, such as automobiles, industrial equipment and stationary systems.

Over 20,000* cycles

Only a small degree of capacity degradation occurs even after more than 20,000 cycles* of charging and discharging. The low maintenance requirement of SCiB™ is easy on the environment, especially when it is used in applications that require frequent charging/discharging such as large-scale storage battery systems.

*Characteristics depends on cell type and usage conditions.​

Charged to more than 80% of capacity in 6 minutes

The use of SCiB™ allows automobiles, buses, and other vehicles to be charged as quickly as refilling a gasoline car. In addition, since frequent rapid charging does not cause significant deterioration in capacity, SCiB™ can be used without any concerns.

*Characteristics depends on cell type and usage conditions​.

Achieving high power in a short period of time

SCiB™ can be charged and discharged at high current. Therefore, SCiB™ can store a large amount of regenerative power produced by a train or an automobile while the brake is being applied, and provide a high current necessary for a motor to start.

Can be used at temperatures as low as -30℃*

Even when SCiB™ is charged at low temperature, metal lithium does not precipitate. Therefore, SCiB™ can be charged and discharged repeatedly at temperatures as low as -30°C.

*Operating temperature range depends on cell type.

Can be used over the SOC range of 0% to 100%

SCiB™ can be used over the SOC* range of 0% to 100% since it maintains excellent input/output characteristics over wide usable SOC range. This makes it possible to reduce the amount of batteries mounted on a system.

What can be realized by SCiB™?

Increase in fuel and electricity efficiency and reductions in CO₂ and NOx emissions and life cycle costs

  • Use of regenerated energy of vehicles and facilities
  • Stabilization of electricity supply
  • Reduction in the frequency of battery replacement

SCiB™ is ideally suited for storing the electric energy regenerated by hybrid vehicles and electric facilities and for stabilizing the electricity of power grids and facilities because it can be charged and discharged at high current and provides a long life. SCiB™ contributes to increasing fuel and electricity efficiency, reducing CO2 and NOX emissions, and cutting life cycle costs, including the expenses required for battery replacement.

Creation of new values for battery systems such as an increase in system availability and a reduction in system size

  • Shortened charging time
  • Improved battery availability
  • Reduction in the quantity of batteries

Because of a rapid charging rate and wide usable SOC range, SCiB™ makes it possible to reduce charging time using a rapid-charging system, automate the charging process to increase system availability and convenience, and reduce the amount of batteries required to improve space utilization. All these benefits provide new value for battery systems.

Safety in low-temperature environments and highly reliable battery system

  • Use in low-temperature environments
  • Mobility vehicles and social infrastructure
  • Improvement in the reliability of battery systems

Since SCiB™ provides excellent safety performance and supports low-temperature operation, it can be utilized not only in frigid regions but also for applications requiring high reliability and safety such as vehicles, social infrastructure systems, and industrial equipment.

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