Electric Power Systems

Long-life and high-reliability SCiB™ enables frequency regulation using a storage battery system.

The shift from coal- and oil-fired thermal power generation to renewable energy generation is proceeding rapidly in order to reduce CO2 emissions. However, the use of renewable energy increases the number of factors that cause grid frequency fluctuation. It is therefore important to deploy a solution for this problem. SCiB™ is well suited to providing highly reliable frequency regulation at low life-cycle cost.

Reduction in initial
and operating costs

Long life

High safety and reliability

Because of its excellent cycle life characteristics, SCiB™ is suitable for battery energy storage systems for primary frequency regulation.

The grid frequency fluctuations are caused by an imbalance of electricity supply and demand. Frequency fluctuations consist of multiple components ranging from seconds to hours. Frequency regulation at an interval of several seconds increases the number of battery charge/discharge cycles and is not feasible with typical lithium-ion batteries (LiBs). Because of its excellent long cycle life characteristics, SCiB™ supports grid frequency regulation that requires repeated charging/discharging.

Case Study

Lineup of SCiB™

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