Development Project of Integrated Demonstration Facility and Supply Chain for Sustainable CCUS Adopted by Ministry of the Environment

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September 10 2021

Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation

KAWASAKI, JAPAN―Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation (hereinafter “Toshiba ESS”) announced today that 13 organizations, including Toshiba ESS and the Japan Coal Frontier Organization, have adopted the “CO2 Transport and Storage Technology Demonstration” as part of a “Development Project of Integrated Demonstration Facility and Supply Chain for Sustainable CCUS” initiated by the Ministry of the Environment.*1 Furthermore, Toshiba ESS is also independently making use of “CO2 Capture Technology Demonstration with Liquid Absorbent”. With these efforts, Toshiba ESS will conduct demonstrations for the capturing of CO2 from thermal plant emissions, as well as the construction and operation of liquefaction facilities for the captured CO2, from FY2021 to FY2025. Toshiba ESS will contribute to the development of a comprehensive CCUS supply chain, from carbon capturing to liquefaction. 

In 2016, Toshiba ESS was commissioned by the Ministry of the Environment to conduct a demonstration project on CO2 capture. *2 The carbon capture facility can capture more than 600 tons of CO2 a day—over 50% of the Mikawa Power Plant’s daily emissions—and was constructed at an area near the power plant. The Mikawa Power Plant is operated by Toshiba ESS’s subsidiary, SIGMA POWER Ariake Corporation, in Omuta, Fukuoka Prefecture. The demonstration operation was conducted between November 2020 to March 2021.

This facility is the world’s first large-scale CCS-capable facility for capturing CO2 emitted from biomass power plants (BECCS).*3,*4,*5 As part of this “CO2 Capture Technology Demonstration with Liquid Absorbent”, the facility will continue its operations to verify CO2 capture efficiency and stability, as well as test new methods to reduce the amine emissions of amine-based absorbents to the atmosphere.

For the new “CO2 Transport and Storage Technology Demonstration”, Toshiba ESS will construct and operate a CO2 liquefaction facility at an adjacent plot from the Mikawa Power Plant. In the same demonstration project, the Japan Coal Frontier Organization will be in charge of the construction of the port facility. 

During this demonstration, CO2 which is exhausted from the Mikawa Power Plant will be separated from exhausted gas by the carbon capture facility and will be sent to a liquefaction facility through a pipeline. Then, after the captured CO2 is compressed and liquefied under low temperatures, it will be sent to the port facility. This demonstration project is going to accelerate the realization of the total CCUS system, which handles capturing, liquefying, loading onto ships and transporting over the sea. In addition, Toshiba ESS is going to contribute widely to developing the CCUS supply chain by taking part in the CO2 capture and liquefaction in this demonstration.

Even though, all over the world, the ratio of renewable energy sources is increasing to achieve a carbon-neutral society, we believe that the role of thermal power generation will still be important for maintaining a stable and reliable electric power supply in the future. Therefore, the realization of CCUS technology, which can reduce exhausted CO2 dramatically, is required. 

Toshiba ESS continues to contribute to achieving a carbon-neutral society by developing BECCS-capable facilities which adopt our CCUS technology for biomass power plants to prepare for full-scale social implementation of CCUS by 2030, which is advocated by the Ministry of the Environment. 

Shinya Fujitsuka, Director and Senior Vice President of the Power Systems Division at Toshiba ESS, commented, “We are honored to contribute to the projects of this carbon capture and CO2 liquefaction facility. Furthermore, we are going to contribute to the global promotion of cleaner energy production through development and deployment of CO2 capture technology and realization of a CCUS supply chain.”

*1: CCUS: Carbon Dioxide Capture, Utilization and Storage
*2: Demonstration of Sustainable CCS Technology Project
*3: As of September 2021, according to a Toshiba ESS survey
*4: CCS: Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage
*5: BECCS: Bio-Energy with Carbon Capture and Storage

CCUS Supply Chain Concept

CCUS Supply Chain Concept

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