Toshiba Successfully Delivers Carbon Capture System to Tokyo Gas

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January 30, 2024

Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation

Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation (“Toshiba”) has delivered and installed a carbon capture system to Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. (“Tokyo Gas”), as part of a demonstration project at Tokyo Gas Senju Techno Station in Tokyo’s Arakawa Ward. Designed to separate and capture approximately 5% concentration CO2 emissions from a gas cogeneration system, the carbon capture system will start operation in March 2024.

Carbon capture systems separate and capture CO2 from flue gases emitted from sources that include thermal power plants and waste incineration facilities. Among Toshiba’s important contributions in this area is the development of post-combustion capture methods, centered on chemical absorption. The system delivered to Tokyo Gas supports flexible adjustment of the scale of CO2 capture and can be used with various exhaust gases. CO2 is captured from the exhaust gas with an amine-based solvent that absorbs CO2 at low temperatures and releases it at high temperatures, providing an efficient amine-based solvent for the capture process.

The equipment is compact and light and can capture up to 10 kilograms of CO2 a day. It measures approximately 3.1 by 2 meters and is 2.8 meters high, and it weighs about 2.3 tons. It is easily transported on a 4-ton truck, and installation is straightforward.

In the face of increasing demand for small-scale carbon capture systems for demonstration projects in recent years, Toshiba has standardized the equipment, a move that enhances design efficiency and will reduce delivery times. This system for Tokyo Gas is the first standard system Toshiba has delivered, and the company will now move toward broader adoption by promoting sales to manufacturers, local governments, and other entities interested in the technology and a standardized system.

When the Tokyo Gas carbon capture system starts operation, it will be with a new amine-based solvent* that Toshiba is developing and expects to introduce by March, the last month of fiscal year 2023. The new solvent maintains the equivalent energy requirement per unit of captured CO2 of the current solvent, but with a lower degradation rate. Improving solvent performance is seen as an important way to cut the operational and maintenance costs of carbon capture systems. The amine-based solvent also releases minimal amine components into the atmosphere, underlining its environmentally friendly nature.

Countering climate change is an urgent global challenge that is driving substantial demand for effective technology for separating and capturing CO2 in exhaust gases. Toshiba remains committed to developing technology aligned with diverse CCUS (carbon capture, utilization and storage) needs. Its dedication to innovation in this critical field underscores a commitment to realizing a carbon neutral society by providing solutions for a sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

* News Release: Toshiba to Develop Highly Durable and Environmentally Friendly CO₂ Solvent for Commercialization

Image of Toshiba’s Carbon Capture System

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