Toshiba Receives Order for Operation Optimization System with IoT Technology for Kuraray's In-House Power Plant 


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March 25 2020

Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation

Kawasaki, Japan―Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation (Toshiba ESS) received an order from Kuraray Co., Ltd. (Kuraray) for a system to optimize the operation of Kuraray’s in-house power plant. The system will go into operation in December 2020.

Kuraray’s in-house power plant deploys multiple units of power generation equipment to supply electricity and steam to manufacture products. The system that Toshiba ESS will supply creates and proposes the optimal operating plan for the power plant overall considering weather fluctuations and demand forecasts for electricity and steam at the manufacturing facilities as well as the operating constraints of each unit of power generation equipment such as boilers and turbines.
Utilizing its capabilities as a power generation equipment manufacturer, Toshiba ESS will include a function that comparatively evaluates thermal efficiencies of plant performance between actual operating performance figures and model-based performance figures by building a thermal efficiency model. The system will also include a failure prediction function that detects signs of anomalies early-on, and a function that links and utilizes various accumulated forms of data as big data.

Toshiba ESS received this new order thanks to the results of its power plant optimization research ordered by Kuraray in 2018 and the well-received specific proposal resulting from this research.

Toshiba ESS’s goal is to be a leading cyber-physical systems technology company in the energy industry that creates new businesses that are oriented toward resolving customer’s issues, and that are performance based, combining our rich experience and accumulated know-how with digital technology. Toshiba ESS will continue offering a variety of IoT solutions that are closely aligned with client needs.

Operation Optimization System (Illustration)

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