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Hokkaido Electric Power Company and Toshiba to Advance Thermal Power Plant Operations Using IoT and AI Technologies

~Promoting Power Plant DX for Early Detection of Equipment Malfunctions and Performance Degradation~

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November 07, 2022

Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation

KAWASAKI, JAPAN—Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation (hereinafter, “Toshiba ESS”) announced today that it has launched an initiative to upgrade thermal power plant operations for the early detection of equipment malfunctions and performance degradation using IoT and AI technologies. This initiative will target Ishikariwan Shinko Power Station Unit 1 (rated output: 569.4 MW; fuel: LNG) and Tomatoh-Atsuma Power Station Unit 4 (rated output: 700 MW; fuel: coal), both of which are thermal power stations operated by Hokkaido Electric Power Company (hereinafter, “HEPCO”).

This initiative utilizes Toshiba ESS’s EtaPRO™*1 plant monitoring software, which detects abnormalities and deterioration of major facilities at the earliest stages by comparing the current operating status (measured values) with the ideal operating status (expected values) calculated by IoT and AI technology based on operating data obtained from sensors installed in each facility at the power plant. In the past, equipment abnormalities and performance degradation were detected by alert judgments based on preset thresholds or performance tests which were conducted once every two years. However, this system enables the real-time detection of minute changes in operating conditions, making it possible to detect them at an earlier stage than before, contributing to the prevention of loss/reduction of power generation and towards more efficient operation.


Ability to Monitor for Signs of Malfunctions
Performance Monitoring Functions

In preparation for the launch of this initiative, HEPCO and Toshiba ESS began joint verifications in October 2020, with HEPCO providing operational data from thermal power plants and Toshiba ESS responsible for building the system. In addition, EtaPRO™ was installed at Ishikariwan Shinko Power Station Unit 1 and Tomatoh-Atsuma Power Station Unit 4 by deploying the system in Toshiba ESS’s cloud, thereby improving the efficiency of system operation management and maintenance. This set-up is the first such application for a power plant in Japan. In addition, HEPCO and Toshiba ESS have concluded a predetermined-rate, long-term service agreement for system operation and management using these applications on the cloud.

Toshiba ESS will contribute to the efficient operation of power plants and other facilities by integrating its accumulated manufacturing and maintenance technologies in the energy field with Cyber Physical Systems (CPS*2) technology and actively developing TOSHIBA SPINEX for Energy*3, an energy IoT service that includes “EtaPRO™.”*4



*1  EtaPRO™
Plant monitoring software for power generation companies, with over 30 years of experience and installed in approximately 700 GW worth of power plants in 60 countries, including thermal, hydro, wind, solar, and other power generation companies. Toshiba ESS acquired the business division related to this software from GP Strategies Corporation in the United States in October 2021. 
Toshiba Completes Acquisition of GP Strategies’ EtaPRO® Business | News Release | Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions (

*2  CPS
A system for creating added value by collecting data on plant facilities (physical) that actually exist, analyzing it using digital technology in a virtual space with computers, etc., transforming it into information and knowledge that can be easily utilized, and feeding it back to the physical side.

*3  TOSHIBA SPINEX for Energy
Energy IoT services being developed by Toshiba ESS. In 2019, 12 energy-focused services were built as part of Toshiba Group’s TOSHIBA SPINEX service, out of 24 services in four areas: social infrastructure, energy, manufacturing, and logistics. These services are being developed in compliance with Toshiba IoT Reference Architecture.
TOSHIBA SPINEX for Energy - TOSHIBA SPINEX Marketplace (

*4 This information was announced by HEPCO and Toshiba ESS under “News Release” in Japanese.


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