Toshiba Starts Demonstration project related to Improving Operation Efficiency of Thermal Power Station in Mexico with Mitsui

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November 1 2019

Toshiba Digital & Consulting Corporation
Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation

Toshiba Digital & Consulting Corporation (hereinafter “TDX”) signed a memorandum with Mitsui & Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Mitsui”). The memorandum agreed to run a demonstration project on improving operation efficiency of Saltillo Thermal Power Station at Mexico, owned by MT Falcon Holdings (40% invested by Mitsui, hereinafter “Falcon”). Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation (hereinafter “ESS”) will participate in this demonstration project by providing specialized knowledge such as equipment supply and service to the power plant.

Toshiba Group will try to improve thermal efficiency and power plant availability by analyzing operation data such as steam volume, temperature and pressure in the power plant in real time with digital twin technology* and extracting failure risk by detecting abnormal signs of equipment. The demonstration project planned for seven months starting from today.

In the electric power industry, there is a growing need to improve the operational efficiency of power plants from the viewpoint of strengthening profitability in Japan and overseas against the backdrop of lower power prices due to the expansion of the introduction of renewable energy and aging of power plants.

Considering the needs of the customer, TDX has been jointly carrying out feasibility studies on application of the advanced service solutions with digital technologies at the thermal power station since April 2019 with ESS and Mitsui. Based on the recognition of Toshiba Group’s long-standing experiences and knowledge with equipment and digital solutions in the field of power generation technologies, in order to further evaluate the effectiveness of Toshiba solutions, TDX has agreed to sign the memorandum with Mitsui.

Toshiba Group is cooperating with Mitsui in digital transformation (DX) field. This memorandum is part of such cooperation.

Noriyasu Okitani, President of TDX said,“ Toshiba Group is striving to become one of the world’s leading Cyber Physical System (CPS) technology company; such effort using digital technology is already being implemented in improving the operation efficiency of power plants across Japan market. With various collaborative partners, Toshiba Group aim to create a collaborative achievement digital business model, and striving for creating new business, furthering the expansion of our business unit.”

* Digital Twin: Faithfully and accurately reproducing an on-site phenomenon digitally to enable advanced simulations/future predictive analysis and analysis of past phenomena.

Outline of Saltillo Power Station

Owner: MT Falcon Holdings (40% invested by Mitsui)
Location: Saltillo city, Coahuila state, Mexico
Generation capacity: 248MW
Power Generation Method: Combined-cycle gas turbine
Start of operations: 2001

Toshiba’s Digital Service

Picture of Saltillo Power Station

Picture of Saltillo Power Station

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