Toshiba to invest in a start-up with inertia measurement technology in the UK

~Responding to the needs of T&D operators for inertia measurement based on the expansion of the renewable energy~

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May 11, 2022

Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation

Kawasaki, Japan—Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation (hereinafter “Toshiba ESS”) announced today that the company has invested in Reactive Technologies Ltd. (hereinafter ”Reactive”) the UK startup with inertia* measurement technology in the sector. It is expected that the strengthened relationship through the investment will enable Toshiba ESS to consider providing products and services that contribute to stable grid operation with higher added value.


Last year, the Japanese government announced the 6th Strategic Energy Plan, which includes the national electricity mix plan to increase the share attributable to renewable energy to 36 to 38% by 2030.


To maintain a constant balance between power consumption and the increase in the amount of renewable energy generated, it is necessary to reduce the number of large synchronous generators such as thermal generators. This reduces the amount of inertiaf the amount of inertia decreases, stability and in the worst case, a major power outage occur. 


For this reason, there is a growing need from transmission and distribution (T&D) operators to now start to measure inertia in existing grids as a key part of the transition to Net Zero operation.


Reactive was founded in 2010 and has developed the world’s first direct measurement of grid inertia, providing services to transmission and distribution operators in many countries including the UK, where the share of electricity generated by renewable energy is growing quickly. Reactive is rapidly expanding their business with a reputation for direct measurement of inertia in real-time. 
Creating a carbon-neutral society at scale requires active collaboration between Toshiba ESS and companies with innovative solutions in the renewables and energy storage spaces.     


Takao Konishi, Director, President and CEO of Toshiba ESS., says, “We are honored to invest in Reactive. Toshiba ESS will continue to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by providing infrastructure services that improve the value of energy systems by making full use of Toshiba ESS’s wealth of knowledge and achievements in the energy field, technologies, know-how, and digital.”   


* Inertia: The adjustment ability to respond to instantaneous fluctuations in the power system provided synchronous generators in a power grid. It is also called system inertia. Most renewable power (solar, wind etc.) is converted from direct current to alternating current by power conditioners, and does not have rotational energy. For this reason, the amount of inertia decreases due to the expansion of renewable energy.

Overview of Reactive Technologies Ltd


Name Reactive Technologies Ltd
Established 2010
Business Providing grid information mainly about inertia
Representative Marc Borrett (CEO and co-founder)


About Reactive Technologies

Reactive Technologies is a grid resilience technology company helping grid operators, electric utilities, and regulators transition to Net Zero and ensure resilient renewables-based power grids. Reactive’s products, including the first-of-its-kind Grid-Sonar™ technology, bring unprecedented transparency to grid operations by replacing guesswork and modeling with real-time measurements of grid inertia and other functions. Reactive has worked with some of the most advanced electric utilities in the world and consistently delivers accurate grid data that informs better planning, full utilization of electricity supplies, and cost savings while enabling an accelerated transition to clean energy. Reactive is backed by several of the world’s leading climate tech venture and management firms, including BGF, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Eaton, and Accenture Ventures. Reactive Technologies is a 2022 Bloomberg New Energy Finance Pioneers winner(1.24MB).  

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