Toshiba to Release Video of Hamakawasaki Operations


Transmission & Distribution


January 18 2021

Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation

Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation (hereafter “Toshiba ESS”) has announced that Toshiba ESS released a video introducing Hamakawaksaki operations and released on its website.

Hamakawasaki operations has founded in 1962, and has been developing and manufacturing transmission and distribution products which is necessary to a reliable electricity supply. To cope with the recent situation by COVID 19, Toshiba ESS has been uploaded and released a video introducing Hamakawasaki operations for every shareholders to understand Hamakawasaki operations.

In the video, Toshiba ESS introduces the detail of main products in Hamakawasaki operations, including switchgears, transformers and surge arresters and shows the features of manufacturing, assembling and test, also, the R&D studies at high voltage and high power testing laboratory and environment laboratory, the voice of customers and so on.

Toshiba ESS is now requested flexible actions to the emerging electricity environment such as distributed energy system, liberalization of electricity, large scale natural disasters. To realize the smart energy society with more comfortable and more environmentally friendly, Hamakawasaki operations continues all activities to contribute electric power transmission and distribution and seeks solutions of the society problems.


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