Research & Development

Provide support for installation and operation of wind power systems from siting, business planning to maintenance

We are working on R&D to provide our customers with optimal solutions for plant in every stage in wind power generation business from planning to construction and operation/maintenance.
In the candidate site assignment stage, we help customers find an optimal site for wind power generation by investigating detailed wind conditions using wind power analysis technology and based on the analysis results, by studying if the location has strong wind conditions or low turbulence, and is less affected by other wind turbines.

Detailed wind conditions analysis
Detailed wind conditions analysis
Wind conditions analysis
Wind conditions analysis

Provides highly-efficient highly-reliable hydro power systems

Toshiba conducts various research and development to provide highly-efficient, highly-reliable hydro power systems. For analysis, Toshiba uses various algorithms and optimization methods to upgrade their designing and analysis technologies, and through that they promote equipment design and development.

Electromagnetic field analysis for hydrogenerator
Electromagnetic field analysis for hydro generator
Water turbine flow analysis
Hydro turbine flow analysis