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AC/RA Services for the Supply/Demand Adjustment Market and the Capacity Market

We provide access to new revenue generating markets for flexible energy resources.

AC/RA Services for the Supply/Demand Adjustment Market and the Capacity Market: image

Our services allow various load-adjustable resources to be utilized in the supply/demand adjustment market and capacity market. These systems for the supply/demand adjustment market and capacity market perform a variety of operations, such as bidding into the market, giving control instructions to resources, and visualizing adjustment results.
We provide support by analyzing the characteristics of your resources and handling vetting for different markets prior to market entry.
We also provide services that enable economic demand response for retail electric utilities.

AC/RA Service Capabilities to Meet Customer Needs

AC/RA Service Capabilities to Meet Customer Needs: image

Our AC/RA services enable entry into the supply/demand adjustment market and provide support for operational tasks involved in the capacity market.
Toshiba’s systems are linked to the supply/demand adjustment market system and the demand response automation system, and all necessary operations are completed by the AC/RA service.
They offer reception of commands from the demand response automation system, market transactions with the supply/demand adjustment market, target resource management and control instructions, and real-time visualization of adjustment results.

AC/RA System Screen

AC/RA System Screen

Dashboard: Timeline of deadlines for events such as planned value registration and bidding.

Bidding screen: Bids can be placed for each product block wanted.

Schedule screen: Allows users to check the date and time of executed contracts.

Results screen: Displays actual adjustment results at the time of launch.


Supply/demand adjustment market:
A market established in April 2021 for the purpose of sourcing load balancing capability over a wide range across areas in order to achieve efficient supply and demand operations.
From the Transmission & Distribution Grid Council, “What is the Supply/Demand Adjustment Market?”

Capacity market:
A market established for the purpose of securing necessary future supply capacity in advance and stabilizing electricity transaction prices, thereby bringing benefits to consumers through stable business operations on the part of electric utilities and stabilization of electricity charges.
From the Organization for Cross-regional Coordination of Transmission Operators,Capacity Market Revitalization Special Site

AC (Aggregation Coordinator):
A business that bundles the amount of electricity controlled by RAs and trades directly with general transmission and distribution utilities and retail electricity providers.

RA (Resource Aggregator):
A business that collects consumer-side energy resources and distributed energy resources, regulates them, and provides energy services

Reference value (baseline):
Anticipated electricity demand in the absence of activation

Economic demand response:
Retail electricity providers make their own requests to consumers to save electricity and adjust supply and demand