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Storage Battery Control Services

Multiple storage batteries can be grouped and controlled for multiple purposes

Since 2016, Toshiba has been operating a demonstration project to develop an intelligence VPP system of storage battery control technology. Toshiba developed a control technology for groups of multiple storage batteries. Then, Toshiba started commercial service of VPP operation from January 2019.

As an example, we control groups of multiple batteries to enable efficient operation of peak cut and demand response according to the status of the power systems and storage batteries, while securing the necessary power in case of emergency for the storage batteries installed at disaster prevention facilities. As a result, while providing emergency power to improve disaster prevention, storage batteries are also used for balancing to help optimize the balance of supply and demand.

We will also support renewable energy co-located storage batteries and grid-direct storage batteries, and develop solutions that combine the wholesale market, the balancing market, and the capacity market.

We will continue to develop systems that can combine a wide variety of distributed power resources as well as storage batteries for the balancing market in Japan.

Storage Battery Control Services

Storage Battery Group Control Technology

We possess technology for developing and controlling (multi-use) optimal operation plans for storage batteries to meet users’ multiple objectives, based on forecasting technology.

For consumers who use electricity: Storage batteries can be used as a backup power source in times of crisis such as disasters, for BCP, to capture excess electricity generated during the day by solar power generation, and for peak shaving/peak shifting to regulate peak electricity demand.

For retail electric providers: Storage batteries can be used to improve power procurement costs through JEPX market value differentials and imbalance avoidance.

For general transmission and distribution providers: Storage batteries can be used for public offerings of load balancing capability. By using these options to suit different situations, storage batteries can be used more efficiently. Multi-use and individual functions are provided as cloud services.

For renewable energy businesses: When storage batteries are installed in conjunction with variable renewable energy sources such as PV and wind power, optimal transactions are implemented in combination with technology for managing the associated imbalances.

For grid storage battery operators: Storage batteries optimize revenues by combining the respective value provided by the wholesale market, the supply/demand adjustment market, and the capacity market.

Customer Benefits from Multi-use Storage Batteries

Customer Benefits from Multi-use Storage Batteries: image
Group control technology for multiple storage batteries

1.Trend graph of spot price: Graph of forecast has the same tendency as graph of actual

2.Charge at night when electricity is cheaper

3.Discharge at peak time in morning (spot price highest value)

4.Charge inexpensive power supply in preparation for the peak of charge in case of surplus solar panel generation.

5.Discharge at peak time (at minimum spot price)

6.Save remaining battery capacity for BCP

Grid Storage Battery Control Services

Grid storage batteries are a vital technology for ensuring a stable supply of electric power. Due to amendments to the Electricity Business Act, facilities of 10 MW or over are now treated as “power generation businesses.” We provide three types of grid storage battery control services: aggregator, operation manager, and SaaS. Going forward, we will continue to support our customers' businesses by updating our functions in accordance with changes in legislation and power systems accompanying reforms to the electricity market. Regarding customization, such as integration with existing systems, we will consider how to accommodate your needs after a consultation.

We are continuing to research algorithms to maximize the value of power generation resources, including renewable energy, and will add functionality to our services in a timely manner to improve their usability. We provide support services for the preparation and testing necessary to participate in specific markets.

Grid Storage Battery Control Services


VPP (Virtual Power Plant)::
Remotely control scattered energy sources such as distributed power sources and storage batteries with IoT devices to make them function as if they were one power plant.

Business continuity plans are plans to continue important operations even in crisis situations, such as disasters

The Japanese Electric Power Exchange is the market for buying and selling electricity in Japan.

Difference between power generation plan and actual demand.

Balancing power tender:
A system in which power transmission and distribution operators (operators that maintain and operate transmission lines and substations) procure adjustments through public offerings.