Research and development

New technology contributes to carbon neutrality

  • Alkaline water electrolysis type hydrogen production equipment

Toshiba is conducting research and development aimed at realizing a next-generation hydrogen society and is striving to improve the economic efficiency of each phase of the production, storage, and use of hydrogen.

R&D of Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cell(SOEC*1)

Toshiba has achieved high hydrogen production efficiency by developing original materials for hydrogen generating electrodes.


In addition, by controlling the hydrogen and oxygen electrode structures and the electrode / electrolyte interface structure, we have succeeded in reducing the deterioration rate and extending the service life.


*1  SOEC:Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cell
A part of this work is supported by a project (JPNP14021) commissioned by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), Japan.

SOEC cell stack structure

R&D of Electrocatalyst for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Electrolysis Cell(PEMEC*2)

Toshiba has developed a unique laminated catalyst structure ACLS*3 for PEM electrolyzer, and succeeded in significantly reducing precious metals by improving gas and water diffusivity.


*2  PEMEC:Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Electrolysis Cell
*3  ACLS:Alternating Catalyst Layer Structure

ACLS Manufacturing process

ACLS performance

ACLS performance


A precious metal "Iridium" has been reduced to 1/10 of the conventional level.

ACLS performance

It enables the cost reduction of water electrolyzer and contributes to the realization of a hydrogen society.