Toshiba's Pure Hydrogen Fuel Cell System is Keeping Signage and More at Tohoku Baseball Stadium


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March 26 2018

Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation

・Pure hydrogen fuel cell system generating CO2-free electricity now in operation at Rakuten Seimei Stadium all year round
・Will also sustain emergency radio broadcasts after any disaster

KAWASAKI, Japan—Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation (Toshiba ESS) today announced that a newly installed H2One™, the company’s autonomous hydrogen energy system, is now delivering emission-free energy at Rakuten Seimei Stadium in Sendai, the capital of Miyagi prefecture and the largest city in Tohoku, Japan’s northeast.

Rakuten Seimei Stadium is a 23,000-seat stadium and the home field of the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles pro-baseball team. In emergencies, it is also a designated evacuation center, and houses a regional radio station that will broadcast essential information to support disaster recovery. In emergencies, the H2One™ will provide uninterrupted, off-grid energy supply that keeps the radio station up and running, and also light part of the stadium’s approaches. In normal, day-to-day operation, the H2One™ will supply green energy to the stadium's electronic display, the Rakuten.FM TOHOKU radio station, and light the park near the baseball stadium.

The stadium’s H2One™ integrates a hydrogen tank fabricated with a very high-density storage alloy. The tank allows all necessary equipment to be stored in one container, shortening the construction period by two thirds.

“We have developed hydrogen-related technologies and products that integrate know-how cultivated through our extensive experience in hydrogen production equipment and energy management systems that predict and manage power supply and demand,” said Hiroyuki Ota, General Manager of the New Energy Solutions Project Team at Toshiba ESS. “Our goal is to develop environmentally friendly hydrogen solutions that contribute to a low-carbon future, and I am sure that the advanced system we have now installed will contribute to Miyagi’s realization of low-carbon targets.”

Toshiba ESS’s H2One™ is a self-contained, highly reliable pure hydrogen fuel cell system that generates clean energy and contributes to the realization of a hydrogen economy.

H2One™ for Rakuten Seimei Stadium

H2One™ for Rakuten Seimei Stadium

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