Improvement of Customer Satisfaction

Feedback from our customers is the origin of all our ideas. In order to increase customer satisfaction (CS), all Toshiba Group employees operate from a customer perspective. This applies not just to those who work in direct contact with customers, such as those in sales and after-sales services, but in all divisions, from development, design, manufacturing, product quality, corporate staff, and so on.

FY2022 Key Achievements

  • We set a special month to improve Customer Satisfaction, and undertook measures that included education and lecture on CS for all Toshiba Group employees.

Toshiba Group Customer Satisfaction Policy

The Customer Satisfaction Policy of Toshiba Group is to make the voice of customers the starting point for all ideas and provide products, systems and services that deliver customer satisfaction.

Toshiba Group Customer Satisfaction Policy

We make the voice of customers the starting point for all ideas and provide products, systems and services that deliver customer satisfaction.

  1. We provide products, systems and services that are safe and reliable.
  2. We respond to requests and inquiries from customers sincerely, promptly and appropriately.
  3. We value the voice of customers and endeavor to develop and improve products, systems and services to deliver customer satisfaction.
  4. We provide appropriate information to customers.
  5. We protect personal information provided by customers.

The same content is included in Standards of Conduct for Toshiba Group 2. Customer Satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction (CS) Promotion Structure

For cross-functional activities in accordance with the Toshiba Group Customer Satisfaction Policy, working groups (WGs) by subject and the After-sales Service Improvement Committee have been set up.

CS Promotion Structure

Customer Support

Toshiba Group have set up call centers for different product groups and services. Each call center formulates its own targets for improving the quality of customer support.

Toshiba Group in Japan respond to customer inquiries concerning the products and services offered by Group companies, both in Japan and overseas, through the Toshiba Customer Information Center. It provides cross-divisional services to our customers, by guiding them to our specialized call centers, and forwarding calls to the division in charge, etc.
Toshiba Customer Information Center has a temporary service center to ensure that the functions can continue even in the event of a natural disaster or other issue. 

Toshiba Customer Information Center: Breakdown of Inquiries (FY2022)

Toshiba Group Call Center Structure in Japan

Sharing and Utilization of Voice of Customers

At Toshiba Group, all relevant departments share information on ’customers’ complaints, opinions, and requests about our products and services received through our daily sales, repair, and service activities, and via telephone or the internet, in order to improve the quality of our products and repair services.

Activity Example: Utilizing a New Facility Training Building with Showroom Features

Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corp. constructed a new facility training building on the site of the Toshiba Fuchu Complex in FY2013. This new building, which also functions as a showroom, is designed for providing maintenance services for elevators and building facilities as well as for conducting engineer trainings in order to improve facility construction skills. The building is equipped with a high-rise elevator shaft for skills training on the maintenance of high-speed elevators. Such elevators have been increasing in number in recent years as increasingly taller buildings are erected. This facility training aims to ensure safety and comfort during high-speed elevator operation.
In addition, the East Japan Service Information Center, which provides round-the-clock support services, including remote monitoring of Toshiba elevators and building facilities, relocated to this building and expanded its office in order to provide a variety of technologies designed to ensure security for customers. A maintenance support system that makes use of mobile phones is also available to facilitate speedy recovery from damages suffered due to an accident or large-scale earthquake.

East Japan Service Information
Center of Toshiba Elevator and
Building Systems Corp.

Activity Example: Providing Various Services around the Clock throughout the Year

Toshiba Automation Systems Service Co., Ltd., which provides maintenance services for social infrastructure system equipment, such as a banknote processing equipment, ID issuing equipment, railway station equipment, and logistics and postal equipment, supports customers in around 20 countries, including Japan, with a 24/7 support service network. The call center features a layout that takes into consideration of the work environment for operators. Also service experts are enrolled and striving to improve the quality of daily operations by leveraging their experience to improve customer satisfaction.

Toshiba Automation System Service Co., Ltd.
Call Center, Technology administration department

Activity Example: Aiming to be the Contact Center of Choice through Visualization

In January 2022, Toshiba IT-Services Corporation relocated its contact center functions from Fuchu City in Tokyo to Shinkoyasu in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. In order to provide support that meets the needs of our customers in their business environment, we created a single point of contact for general inquiries and a point of contact for issues and offer support for a wide variety of products, including business systems, storage, networks, and servers. To facilitate smooth service, we brought together engineers involved in after-sales support at the Shinkoyasu office and made it a base for technical support. Furthermore, during tours, we provide demonstrations utilizing tools to introduce aspects from telephone service to dispatching maintenance personnel and providing on-site technical support as a visualization of our services. We aim to be the contact center of choice by sharing value with our customers.

Toshiba IT-Services Corporation 
Shinkoyasu office

Initiatives to Improve the Quality of Customer Support

We have a Call Center Improvement Working Group, which is aimed at improving the quality of response at Toshiba Group call centers in Japan. This working group has been conducting continuous surveys to identify issues with the Call Center and quality checks based on the Toshiba Group Contact Center Guideline since FY2005, and is working to improve various issues.

Improvement of Support to Customers

Initiatives for After-sales Services

In order for each after-sales services division in the Toshiba Group to share their issues and good cases of CS improvement as well as tackle service improvement Group-wide, we have established an After-sales Service Improvement Working Group.
This working group’s activities include surveying service sites to identify issues and training for service engineers.

Activity Example: Voice Recognition System Used in Maintenance Services

Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corporation is introducing a system in which matters to be reported during regular checks of elevators and escalators can be recorded as maintenance reports using a voice recognition system.

Maintenance staff voice-record the details of the inspection and items to report to customers on-site into a smartphone during the inspection. The recorded sound data is converted into text, and recorded as text data in an app installed on the smartphone. As the staff can record just by speaking a few words even during maintenance operations, this allows us to provide as required precise information to customers more quickly. It also improves safety by reducing the workload of maintenance staff.

Activity Example: Remote Support System Used in Maintenance Services

Toshiba IT-Services Corporation is introducing a service using remote support system for their information equipment maintenance service.

We use smart glasses in maintenance services to share videos and audio between technical supporters and field engineers, and capable to provide services that meet our customers' needs. They allow us to provide detailed and attentive support and also contribute to early detect the cause of any trouble and facilitate quick recovery. We will explore the possible application of smart glasses in various operations and work to improve service quality.

Improvement of Customer Satisfaction (CS) Mind of Employees

Customer Satisfaction Improvement Month

In FY2015, Toshiba Group created Customer Satisfaction Improvement Month. Thereafter, we implement measures to promote and raise employees’ awareness about the importance of CS during November every year.


E-learning to Improve Customer Satisfaction

We provide e-learning for Toshiba Group employees to improve customer satisfaction. In FY2022, we held e-learning sessions for 74,330 Toshiba Group employees in Japan, representing that 99% of all employees attended the sessions and learned about the importance of enhancing CS.


Customer Satisfaction Lectures

We hold lectures for Toshiba Group employees introducing the activities of companies and people working actively to enhance customer satisfaction and external experts with knowledge. In FY2022, Mr. Takumi Matsui (Representative and Service Scientist, Matsui Service Consulting), who is active in various sectors of industry, government, and academia, gave a lecture on understanding the significance and essence of engaging in customer satisfaction and service entitled “Customer Satisfaction to Continue to be Selected by Customers.” The lecture was distributed in video format during Customer Satisfaction Improvement Month and we deepened understanding of customer satisfaction initiatives.


Training of Employees on Supporting Customers

We are conducting trainings for employees to understand the importance of customer satisfaction, and to learn the skills necessary for supporting customers. In FY2022, we distributed two training videos on the basics of business communication and the basics of writing business e-mails to improve skills.

Policy on Customer Information Protection

Toshiba was quick to recognize the importance of protection of personal data, and in 2000 established the Toshiba Personal Data Protection Program based on its Privacy Policy. The Company strives for continual improvement in its management system.
Toshiba clearly states the purpose while using customers’ personal data and, in principle, obtains such information directly based on the consent of customers. The majority of the information is basic personal data essential for contacting customers or providing services, such as name, address, telephone number, and email address. Toshiba appropriately handles personal data in accordance with internal regulations and rigorously controls personal data using a framework integrated with the data security management structure. When outsourcing operations that involve the handling of personal information, we select and manage contractors in accordance with our internal standards.
The principal purposes of use of personal data held by Toshiba are published on the following website.

Please refer to the Cyber Security Report for details on personal information protection.

Universal Design

In the society in which we live, there are people of different ages, gender, races, and religions, and persons with disabilities.

Toshiba Group is promoting universal design (UD) in order to contribute to the realization of a society where everyone can live at ease and in comfort, regardless of these differences.

Toshiba Group will further deepen each employee's understanding of the concept of universal design, and will create UD products and services that incorporate user feedback and ideas. We will also promote UD in the workplace.
For details on our initiatives, refer to the Universal Design section on the Toshiba website.

Activity Example: “SPACEL”, a Disaster-Resistant Elevator, Received the GOOD DESIGN AWARD

Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corporation received the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2022 (Japan Institute of Design Promotion) for its SPACEL (Japanese only) elevator. The Company received high acclaim for its development approach and materialization ability in continuing to improve and evolve the same brand for over twenty years as a disaster-resistant, safe, and people-friendly elevator.
We are continuously working on universal design for this product, and have commercialized features such as consideration for customers in wheelchairs and those who are visually impaired, screen displays with color universal design certification (Color Universal Design Organization), and support functions for people with hearing impairments. For the new model, we developed screen displays that intuitively show travel times, a function that provides guidance with audio and screen displays in four languages in the event of an emergency, and non-contact operation buttons that are hygienic and less likely to be accidently activated. Going forward, we will continue to make efforts to improve convenience for a broader range of customers while keeping up with social changes.

Activity Example: Developed a User Interface (UI) for Digital Copiers that Do Not Rely on Vision

Toshiba Tec Corporation has developed a user interface (UI) for digital copiers that enables visually impaired users to set functions without relying on visual information, while receiving voice feedback. Connecting a commercially available speaker to the copier allows the user to set functions with voice guidance and just 3 operations: swiping, tapping, and double tapping, at any location on the LCD screen. The UI structure is easy to understand for non-visual users, limited-sighted users, and sighted users who assist them, and has large characters that are easy to read even for people with limited vision, a yellow focus color that is easy to recognize, and a simple screen design. We hope that this UI will enable users with visual impairments, who previously faced difficulties operating an LCD screen, to use digital copiers. In addition, we will continue to make further improvements while receiving user feedback.
In recognition of these initiatives, we received GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2022 (Japan Institute of Design Promotion).

Internal Education

In FY2022, as part of our internal universal design education, we implemented “Instant Senior*,” a simulated senior experience program for designers, including those who joined the Company in FY2022. Experiencing body movements and physical states similar to those experienced by seniors was an opportunity for people to become aware of various physical and psychological aspects of senior life. They realized that the everyday items they casually use have been carefully designed for user-friendliness, they became less sensitive to other people’s presence, and they grew quieter. We will provide the viewpoints required for design, and connect these to our future activities.
* A training program that enables participants to wear 9 types of equipment, including weights and supporters, to have them temporarily experience conditions similar to those experienced by seniors. This is a registered trademark of the Japan Well Aging Association.

Communication with Outside Organizations

To spread and promote the use of universal design, Toshiba Group provides information on its own initiatives and the results of its activities and also actively collaborates with outside companies and organizations.

Activity Example: Provided Free Online Seminars on Ergonomics

Toshiba is committed to the practice of universal design with the aim of contributing to the realization of a society in which everyone can live with greater comfort and ease. This includes holding the “Ergonomics – Learn from a Designer Series,” a free online seminar on ergonomics, which is the basis of universal design, since FY2021. In FY2022, we held four such seminars. In the seminars, we explained text legibility and ways of organizing information based on human characteristics. More than 100 participants attended each session, and we received positive feedback in the form of comments such as “This was useful for creating easy-to-understand materials,” and “This is a way of thinking that is necessary for manufacturing.” Going forward, we will continue to disseminate information on universal design in this way.

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