Locomotive System

Our advanced locomotive technology contributes to railway service worldwide.

Toshiba uses many advanced locomotive technologies such as individual control type water-cooled main converters, high-power induction motors, high efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motors, and high-performance multiple unit control systems to manufacture electric locomotives (EL), diesel-electric locomotives (DEL), and hybrid locomotives.

Toshiba has delivered a high volume of locomotives and electrical equipment for locomotives to domestic customers such as the type EH800 (8-axle) AC EL, the type EH500 (8-axle) AC/DC EL, the type EH200 (8-axle) DC EL, and the type HD300 (4-axle) hybrid shunting DEL. We have also delivered to overseas customers. For example, the AC EL to China, the AC EL and AC/DC EL to South Africa, the EL to Turkey, and the DEL to New Zealand and Malaysia.