Toshiba's Passenger Information Display has transformed railway system from a mere mode of transportation to an abundant source of fruitful information.

Railway system is a part of our daily lives.
Passenger Information Display offers all passengers a variety of information, not only train-related, but also fruitful daily information such as news, weather forecast, and advertisements.
Passenger Information Display's high definition and wide screen promote the display of dynamic and impressive images.

Numerous information for passengers displayed on Passenger Information Display

sample image
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Several mounting options

Several mounting options*

Fits train ceiling, car end, and above the door in the train.

  • * Please contact us if you would like to have more information.

Application Example*

Sending data from the ground to the train

  • News and weather forecast from the news supplier
  • Operation information from the control center
  • Announcements and promotions from the transportation department
  • Campaigns and endorsements from the advertising agency
Battery Drive
  • * A contract may be required with the information supplier when sending data from the ground to the train.

Basic specifications

Basic specifications
Basic specifications
Display 42" Half Liquid Crystal 32" Half Liquid Crystal
Resolution 1920 (W) x 540 (H) pixels 1920 (W) x 540 (H) pixels
Active Display Size 930 mm (W) x 261 mm (H) 698 mm (W) x 196 mm (H)
Color Depth 16.7 Million Colors (8 bit Digital) 16.7 Million Colors (8 bit Digital)
Back Light LED Drive LED Drive
Luminance (White) 800 cd/m2(typical)
(Center 1point,100% Dimming)
900 cd/m2 (typical)
(Center 1point,100% Dimming)
Viewing Angle Angle Free {R/L&U/D 178° (typical)} Angle Free {R/L&U/D 178° (typical)}