Message from the Executive in charge of Sustainability

Advancing sustainability management for a dynamic, sustainable future. Takamasa Mihara Representative Executive Officer Corporate Senior Vice President

A multitude of social issues has become a threat to the sustainability of society as a whole. Such issues include not just climate change, resource depletion, and population growth, but poverty, economic inequality, and human rights—and, of course, the COVID-19 pandemic. In these circumstances, if the companies that play a central role in global economic activities do not join governments and individuals in working to find solutions to social issues, it will be impossible to avoid the impending crisis threatening our planet and all living things that inhabit it, including humankind.

Inspired by Toshiba Group’s basic commitment, Committed to People, Committed to the Future, we have a history of contributing to finding solutions to social issues.

The impacts of climate change are increasingly undeniable. Efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions have become an urgent necessity, as indicated in an August 2021 report by the United Nations IPCC, in which scientists from all over the world issued a dire warning that human activities are harming our planet at an astonishing rate.

Toshiba Group makes the most of its comprehensive strength in pursuing business activities, by drawing on technologies and experience gained from long involvement with energy and social infrastructure. And in recent years we have also focused on services that incorporate technologies from the digital domain. In the energy field, these activities include businesses engaged in generating, transmitting, storing, and smartly using energy; renewables; hydrogen energy and fuel cells; and CO2 capture and utilization.In the social infrastructure field, our businesses encompass the provision of infrastructure-related industrial equipment and other energy-saving products and solutions.

By playing a leading role in achieving carbon neutrality and building resilient infrastructure, we will help to resolve social issues through business.

We are also reinforcing the business foundations that underpins our operations by addressing other social responsibilities, such as employees’ health and safety and personnel training, respect for human rights, and sustainable procurement.
Human rights issues, in particular, now require urgent action on a global scale. In order to support principles of human rights principles advocated internationally, and to expedite sustainable procurement throughout Toshiba Group’s value chain, we will further bolster not only environmental initiatives, but also efforts that consider human rights.

Furthermore, to create a work environment in which diverse people can feel comfortable enough to deliver their true potential and skills to create innovation, we are further advancing initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion, aiming to reinforce our corporate culture that recognizes all kinds of diversity. In addition, we modified and improved our evaluation system in FY2020. By treating our employees more appropriately, we are striving to ensure that each and every one of them can work with a positive attitude, and raise their productivity.

To remain a corporate group required by society, we must continually refine our CSR activities, and also fortify sustainability as an essential part of management, so as to cope with and survive these time of heightened unpredictability and uncertainty.

In FY2021, we launched the new Sustainability Management Division, establishing a structure that will ensure sustainability-related considerations are integrated into management initiatives. We have also formulated a basic policy to share with stakeholders, to show them where our sustainability initiatives are headed, and redefined important issues (material issues) associated with our management strategies, so as to incorporate actions to address social issues into all our business activities, and to expedite related initiatives spanning the whole Group.

At the Toshiba Group, Our Purpose is to aim to contribute to resolving global issues by leveraging the technical capabilities and partnerships with clients that we have forged over the years. It all begins with an unwavering drive to make and do things that lead to a better world. Bringing together the ingenuity and technical capabilities that we have cultivated thus far, we will carry out our medium-term business plan, and contribute even more to the solving of social issues.