Message from the Executive in charge of

Advancing sustainability
management for a sustainable future.

Takamasa Mihara
Executive Officer
Corporate Senior Vice President

Today, climate change and other issues threaten the sustainability of society. If the companies that play a central role in economic activities do not join governments and individuals in working to find solutions to such social issues, it will be impossible to avoid the impending crisis threatening our planet and all living things that inhabit it.

Inspired by Toshiba Group’s Basic Commitment, “Committed to People, Committed to the Future,” we have a history of contributing to finding solutions to social issues. Moving forward, we will continue efforts towards realizing carbon neutrality and a circular economy by leveraging the wide range of technologies and experience we have cultivated over the years in social infrastructure and electronic devices fields, along with the possibilities offered by digitization and data.

To remain a corporate group required by society, we must survive these times of heightened unpredictability and uncertainty through management centered on sustainability.
In FY2021, we launched the Sustainability Management Division, and laid the groundwork for sustainability management by establishing the Sustainability Policy and redefining important material issues associated with our management strategies. From FY2022, we will set KPIs linked to these material issues, and expedite related initiatives in all business activities, across Toshiba Group.

We are also reinforcing the business foundations that underpin our operations by addressing other social responsibilities, such as employee health and safety and personnel training, respect for human rights, and sustainable procurement. It is my belief that, above all else, high quality human capital is crucial for the survival of a company. In respect of “securing, retaining, and developing human resources,” we are pushing forward with initiatives to achieve KPIs (numerical targets), including those related to the ratio of female employees in executive positions, engagement scores in the employee morale survey, and the numbers of AI experts who can support our future data business. 
From the perspective of diversity and inclusion, we are striving to constantly improve a work environment in which individuals can enhance their potential and achieve growth. We have also introduced a system that enables employees to speak with their managers about long-term career development and goals, and a structure for supporting self-propelled and proactive career development, in order to facilitate the growth of individuals in all stages of their career, and also to advance organizational revitalization. 

We also support internationally recognized human rights, and are bolstering not only environmental initiatives, but also efforts that consider human rights throughout Toshiba Group’s value chain. On the governance front, we will continue our Group-wide focus on compliance, risk management, and cyber resilience.

At Toshiba Group, our purpose is to contribute to resolving global issues by leveraging the technical capabilities and partnerships with clients that we have forged over the years. This all begins with an unwavering drive to make and do things that lead to a better world. Bringing together the ingenuity and technical capabilities that we have cultivated thus far, we will contribute even more to solutions to social issues.

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