Message from the Executive in charge of

Advancing sustainability
management for a sustainable future.

Masaki Haruyama
Corporate Officer
Corporate Senior Vice President

We face a world of intensifying climate change, population growth, resource shortages and other issues that increasingly threaten the future of humanity. They can only be overcome if government, society and individuals all make greater efforts than ever before. This is also true for companies.

Toshiba Group is leveraging technological capabilities, knowledge, and partnerships cultivated in almost 150 years of doing business to realize a sustainable society. Our goals are carbon neutrality and a circular economy. We will achieve them, and protect safer, more secure individual livelihoods, by “building infrastructures that everyone can enjoy,” and by “building a connected data society” that realizes social and environmental stability. Maximizing the power of date allows us to provide new value and contribute solutions to the issues of the day.

In working toward a sustainable society, it is essential that we think and co-create with all of our stakeholders. Toshiba Group’s customers are government and companies—and also all the people who use infrastructure. Starting from society’s needs, we communicate with our customers and other stakeholders and provide products and services that deliver great value.

I also believe that, to continue as a company seeking to realize a sustainable society, it is essential to have trustworthy and transparent management foundations. Toshiba Group has identified 10 material issues from among the ESG issues that society and corporate management must overcome, and we are strengthening our responses to them through Group-wide initiatives.

Toshiba Group will continue to contribute to the resolution of global issues and to making the world a better place, all while envisioning the smiles of each and every customer living here.

“Committed to People, Committed to the Future.”

  • “Committed to People, Committed to the Future.” is the Basic Commitment of Toshiba Group.

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